Oh, how we love bread. For what would a sandwich be without it? Now imagine that slice of bread had the power to walk, move stuff and explore your house. This really happens in the new game I am Bread.

Released December 3 by Bossa Nova Studios, I am Bread allows gamers to take on the role of a slice of bread who does everything in its power to avoid getting toasted.

In the trailer for the game, a mental health professional discusses his patients crazy paranoia that a slice of bread is the one causing havoc in his house. The slightly creepy trailer has a horror film feel to it. And it turns out that bread actually makes for a really great villain. 

The bread leaves the loaf, rolling its bendy body along surfaces in an apartment. The bread can climb cabinets, swing off objects and move things to trick the apartment owner. It seems like users can also pick objects up, which stick to the slice like jam. 

The game is available on Steam for less than $10, but only as a beta test until the official game is launched next year.

Check out the trailer below.

[Photo Credit : I Am Bread/ YouTube]

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