Apple Releases tvOS 11.2 With New Sports Tab, Video Display Mode Switching, And HDR Improvements


Apple has finally released tvOS 11.2, just right around the time it was forced to roll out iOS 11.2 after a date bug plagued a number of iPhones, causing them to crash repeatedly. tvOS 11.2 is a free software update for both the fourth-generation and the 4K variant of the Apple TV.

What's new? Well, not a ton, but it does come with much-needed enhancements, chief of which is a new set of video settings to better control how HDR playback and framerate function based on content.

Apple tvOS 11.2: Match Content Options

In the Settings app, under Video and Audio, users will now find new Match Content options. With this functionality, Apple says it'll take note of the user's chosen display format to playback content without alteration. It will also automatically switch formats to match the content's dynamic range and framerate. This is especially handy for those who are watching classic movies and don't want their Apple TV 4K to mess up all the colors. Before this update, HDR just always ran, no matter what content was being played.

Apple tvOS 11.2: Sports Options

Another notable addition is a dedicated Sports section, which now runs alongside "Watch Now," "Library," "Store," and "Search" sections. As the name suggests, it offers quick links to live games and lets users watch games that have already been broadcast.

In addition, they will also be able to select their favorite teams for different sports, and will even receive alerts when those teams are about to play, letting them stream as soon as the broadcast starts.

While sports fans would most certainly prefer to subscribe to one or more live services to take full advantage of all the sports-centric integration, Apple's native Sports section is still going to be helpful for those who fear on missing out on their favorite games and teams.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is Apple's first streaming device to offer 4K and HDR playback, putting them late in the game as other competitors such as Google, Amazon, and Roku, all have previously released streaming devices or set-top boxes capable of playing at that resolution. Apple's offering is also much more expensive than others, which is typical of the Cupertino brand.

Thoughts on tvOS 11.2? Have you downloaded the update yet? Liking the new features so far? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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