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DirecTV Now Bundles Free 32GB Apple TV 4K With 3 Months Of Prepaid Service At $105 In Total

DirecTV Now launched a new offer to sweeten the deal and attract more customers. For a limited time, you can get a 32 GB Apple TV 4K for free with three months of prepaid DirecTV Now at $35 per month, amounting to $105 in total.

Internet February 12, 2018

Apple Releases tvOS 11.2 With New Sports Tab, Video Display Mode Switching, And HDR Improvements

Apple has now moved tvOS 11.2 out of beta testing and is beginning to roll it out for owners of its latest Apple TV models. Among the new features are a dedicated Sports section, HDR playback optimizations, and others.

Apple December 6, 2017

Amazon And Apple Are Friends Again: Apple TV 4K Listing Shows Up On Amazon Momentarily

It seems Amazon is set to sell the Apple TV again after pulling them out way back in 2015. Several people noticed that an Amazon listing for the 4K-capable media player showed up, but it has since been taken down.

Apple September 27, 2017

4K Content On The New Apple TV Is Strictly Streaming-Only, Downloads Not Allowed: What The Heck, Apple?

The new Apple TV 4K supports 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision playback, but there’s a catch. 4K content is streaming-only, meaning users won’t be able to download films and shows in 4K and watch them offline.

Apple September 23, 2017

Apple TV 4K Review Roundup: Impressive, But Not Enough Bang For The Buck

The Apple TV 4K is an impressive evolution of Apple’s efforts to penetrate living room entertainment, but is it too expensive? Here’s what critics are saying about Apple’s 4K and HDR-capable set-top box.

Gadgets September 22, 2017

Apple Will Upgrade Your HD Films Into 4K/HDR Versions For Free (For The New Apple TV 4K, Of Course)

Apple has unveiled the Apple TV 4K, confirming much of the rumors were true. What the rumors missed, however, is that Apple has adopted a new pricing model for 4K films that make the Apple TV highly attractive.

Apple September 13, 2017

Developers Behind ‘Journey,’ ‘Flower’ Just Unveiled A New Breathtaking Game Called ‘Sky,’ And It’s An Apple Exclusive [Video]

The makers of 'Journey,' 'Flow,' and 'Flower' have announced a new game called 'Sky,' launching on Apple devices this winter. If the studio’s track record is any indication, 'Sky' might be every bit as engaging and compelling as its predecessors.

Video Games September 13, 2017

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