Pokémon GO is getting some big changes this week, including 50 new Pokémon to catch and dynamic real-world weather patterns.

The game has been high and low since its release in the summer of 2016, but it keeps adding new things to keep players entertained. When it first hit the scene, it stirred a mass frenzy and soon turned into a global phenomenon, getting people worldwide out of their houses and into the streets in search of the pocket monsters.

The initial enthusiasm eventually died down, but Niantic vowed to keep things interesting and added a bunch of changes since then, including various events and second generation Pokémon that breathed new life into the game.

Pokémon GO Getting 50 New Pokémon

This week, Pokémon GO will get 50 new pocket monsters including Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip, and others originally found in the Hoenn region of the Pokémon Sapphire and Pokémon Ruby games. These new Pokémon will make their appearance in Pokémon GO for the very first time, so players will have their hands full expanding their Pokémon trove.

Pokemon GO Real-World Weather

In addition to new Pokémon, the game is also getting dynamic real-world weather changes, which means that it will be aware of the players' local weather conditions and it will adapt accordingly. The weather will influence several aspects of the game, from spawn rates to gym combat, and it's bound to make things more interesting.

For instance, if it's raining outside, players will likely encounter more water Pokémon. These weather changes will impact the spawn rates of all Pokémon, regardless of their generation.

Moreover, the weather-specific Pokémon will start out with higher CP than regular spawns, which means they will be stronger, to begin with. The maximum CP, however, will remain unchanged. At the same time, Pokémon summoned by weather will offer more stardust than standard spawns.

The map showing the player's avatar will also reflect the local weather rather than just showing whether it's night or day. When it comes to battles, the weather will also have a say on gym combat, so trainers might want to take weather into account before choosing which Pokémon to fight with.

When it's raining, for instance, water Pokémon will be stronger and fire Pokémon will be weaker. This applies regardless of whether the Pokémon in question is attacking or defending the gym. With this in mind, players might want to rely on a water Pokémon when it's raining, for instance, or an ice Pokémon if it's snowing rather than defend the fort with a weakened fire Pokémon.

"Rain or shine, winter or spring, your gameplay experience will remain fresh, making your time outdoors even more exciting," touts the Pokémon GO team.

To get a better idea of what's on the table, check out the teaser video below.

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