From Software, the studio behind Bloodborne and the Dark Souls franchise, released a mysterious trailer at The Game Awards 2017 that has fueled various theories on the developer's next game.

The guesses include sequels to its series, the revival of an old franchise, and an entirely new project. Whatever the next game is, From Software has already driven up the hype for it.

From Software Teases New Project

The teaser video, which lasts 29 seconds long, opens with a pulley-like device encased within a bone, with rope that appears to be drenched in blood wrapped around a crank. Whatever it is, it starts turning and shaking before the footage switches to black. "Shadows Die Twice" appears as text, followed by the indication that the project is by From Software.

There have been speculations that the apparatus shown in the teaser is either a torture device or a weapon of some sort. In the background, there appears to be Japanese writing, along with what looks like wood shavings.

From Software's Next Game: What Could It Be?

The first theory on From Software's next project is that the trailer teased Bloodborne 2. The blood-drenched item looks like one the of the Trick Weapons from the game, but its appearance will be out of place in the gothic Victorian setting of Bloodborne. In addition, the "Shadows Die Twice" text has no connections to any of Bloodborne's mechanics and plot points.

There is also speculation that the video teases the return of the Tenchu franchise. From Software owns the rights to the ninja series, and with the Japanese writing in the background and the music of the teaser, this is definitely a possibility. In addition, the "Shadows Die Twice" text could refer to the shadow-like traits of ninjas. Maybe we will see Tenchu that follows the Bloodborne formula?

It is highly unlikely that the project will be Dark Souls IV, as director Hidetaki Miyazaki said back in 2015 that Dark Souls III is the last one for the series. However, Miyazaki also then said that From Software is actively looking to create new franchises, so it is possible that the video features an entirely new project.

There were previous rumors that From Software was working with Sony's Japan Studio for a game named Phantom Wail. Over a year ago, the studio also said that, in addition to a new Armored Core entry, it was working on a "weird" game.

How about you? What do you think is From Software's next game? Let us know in the comments.

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