Music streaming service Pandora is out to overtake chief rivals Spotify and Apple Music. By aggressively offering a free taste of its premium account to general users, a tempting offer that is currently live, Pandora seeks to further climb the charts and possibly assume lead role in the face of tough competition.

Pandora delivered the good news in a blog post, stating that a complimentary session of the premium on-demand service will be made available to all listeners beginning this week.

"We're introducing an unrivaled experience that now gives you more of what you want, when you want it, with access to on-demand listening experiences," the company said.

Video Ad Key To Session Of Premium Access

The service will kick in the moment users start on their search for music to listen to. Listeners on the Pandora mobile app will be presented with an option to watch a 15-second clip, which will then swing the door open for a free session. The limited free pass will allow users to scan the expansive Pandora catalogue and from which they can build playlists — a privilege once enjoyed only by listeners who shell out $10 a month for the service.

Pandora said that while the new feature is on rollout status, the system in use remains in testing stage. That means there will be adjustments and fine-tuning to implement in the coming days. For example, the length of every free listening session is yet to be finalized by the company.

According to Pandora, a session on the complimentary on-demand access is likely to last up to three songs, but plans are under way to stretch the duration. In the future, users will eventually tap into music of up to 60 minutes, the company hinted. The free service rollout now offers a maximum listening session of 15 minutes.

Gaining Traction In Battle With Spotify And Apple Music

The move is seen as Pandora taking on its biggest competitors — the dominant Spotify and the fast-growing Apple Music. In giving free but limited access to its catalog, Pandora is directly challenging the business model that allowed Spotify to lure in tens of millions of users. With millions of listeners already on the doorstep as provisional free users, the rich potential exists for them to become paid subscribers soon and generate revenues for the company.

Likewise, Pandora's free on-demand service could entice Apple Music users to migrate. The former has a free premium access, though limited, that is without expiration for now. In contrast, Apple is only willing to hand out three months of free music, and beyond the grace period, payment is required for the tunes to continue playing.

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