For users who listen to music on Spotify using Apple's web browser, here's some bad news: the music streaming service has stopped supporting Safari.

Time to find a plan B, Apple users. Those who try to access Spotify using Safari will now be greeted with a message asking them to use another web browser. Asked about the sudden change, Spotify's customer support could only say that "recent updates" rendered Safari incompatible. It remains uncertain if or when Spotify will be accessible again via Safari.

Fortunately, it's not that difficult to find alternatives. Users may still use any other web browser besides Safari to access the Spotify web player in addition to native desktop app, of course.

Why Did Spotify Stop Supporting Safari?

There's some speculation as to the probable cause. Mac Generation posits it might have to do with the Widevine Content Decryption Module. Engadget notes that Spotify uses such a plugin to enable web-based music streaming, but Safari doesn't support it, perhaps because macOS sees it as a potential vulnerability. Without Widevine, Spotify can't ensure playback will be smooth even though it's technically possible.

It's unlikely anyone would be too inconvenienced by the change since there are plenty of alternatives available. There's a staggering amount of people who use Safari, though. ZDNet says the web browser captures 25.4 percent market, including mobile users who probably use the Spotify app on their iPhones anyway.

However, this could be a troubling issue for Spotify listeners who use Macs at their workplace and aren't allowed to install third-party software. Also, it shows one of the dangers of copy protection on the internet, making a seemingly universal platform into a proprietary one where users must first have specific add-ons just to get the full experience.


Along with Netflix, Spotify represents the evolution of media consumption. People seem more willing to shell out a set monthly fee for accessing a wide library of content than buy those media individually, but that paves the way for problems.

While it's perhaps the most popular music streaming service in the world with over 140 million users, many still say Spotify should pay artists more and do a better job of becoming an artist-friendly platform. Tech Times previously reported that artists tend to make more money from album sales instead of streaming, so it's no wonder why some artists such as Taylor Swift have previously withheld their music from the service.

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