Russian Woman Thrown to Floor and Punched in Face on Live TV


Shocking scenes have unraveled in a Russian TV game show where contestants were vying to win a car. A woman clad in a bikini was violently thrown to the ground and punched in the face by a male contestant, and the whole thing was caught on video.

The objective of the game was for everyone to keep their hands on the car for as long as they could. Anyone who removed their hand was forced to leave the competition.

Of course, this called for some contestants to taunt others, hoping to get them to leave, but not everything went according to plan sometimes.

The victim in this situation chose to use a shoe she had in her hand as a tool to taunt the male aggressor. She slowly began to feign licking the shoe, swinging it in the air in front of the guy. She hit him in the face with the shoe, and all hell broke loose.

The guy removed his hands from the car; a sound went off suggesting that he had just been eliminated from the game. Nevertheless, it was clear he didn't care about winning anymore, for he had vile intentions. The man walked over to the woman, held her by the head, and threw her to the ground violently. He then used his fist to smack her in the face.

When the camera zoomed in, the woman's face was bleeding, but we are not yet certain how badly she was hurt. The victim did get help from the host.

Oddly enough, the guy went back to touching the car, appearing as though he had not realized he had been booted from the competition and possibly faced assault charges.

Many folks say the woman was at fault and she deserved what she got. Others blasted the man and claimed that he should have handled the situation better.

What are your thoughts?

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