The early '90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a favorite among Millennials. It was a star vehicle for Will Smith, gave us one of the best TV theme songs of all time and introduced the world to "the Carlton Dance." Man, what a show.

So it's no surprise that the Internet promptly freaked out when news hit that The Fresh Prince was now available on Netflix Instant Streaming, where many a Millennial enjoys watching new shows and getting reacquainted with old favorites.

There was just one problem. This new addition to the online streaming service isn't true. If you log in to Netflix right now and search for The Fresh Prince, you'll be met with that dreaded result: "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is unavailable to stream. The title is available on Netflix DVD."

Hey, what gives? Unfortunately, the news that The Fresh Prince is now on Netflix Instant Streaming is nothing more than one of those Internet hoaxes we know and love. Well, sort of. The Netflix parody Twitter account @NetflixLife started it yesterday.

Even though the Twitter bio for this account plainly states, "Not affiliated with Netflix (Original Netflix Parody Account)," the news immediately sent Twitter into a frenzy, causing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to become a trending topic in the United States as of the early afternoon. Those poor, poor tweeps innocently thinking this beloved show is ready to stream right at their fingertips. It brings a tear to the eye.

And when people found out this wasn't true, they didn't take it very well. Not very well at all.

Well, this isn't the news you want to start off your week, but it is what it is. In case you don't receive DVDs in the mail from Netflix, there are a few places online you can stream The Fresh Prince for a price, such as through Amazon, iTunes and Vudu. Then of course if you really want to go old school, you can always just catch reruns on Nick at Nite, which is really the only way to watch The Fresh Prince in my opinion.

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