Another Destiny 2 problem has surfaced, this time a glitch that can make the Warlock nearly unstoppable in one of the futuristic shooter's game modes.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is aware of the bug, but apparently, it will take a while before the studio gets to fixing it.

Destiny 2 Warlock Glitch: Infinite Nova Bombs

Players have discovered a bug in the player vs. player Crucible mode that gives the Warlock an unfair advantage over opponents.

The bug, which can only be found in the Mayhem matches of the Crucible, allows Voidwalker Warlocks to launch their super attack, the Nova Bomb, as many times as they want.

Crucible's Mayhem, which was revived for Destiny 2 through The Dawning event, greatly reduces the cooldown for super abilities, class abilities, and grenades. It is a fun game type for Crucible that is loved by many players, but the glitch involving the Warlock might push people away.

According to Redditor DefenderEchoaz, the glitch is activated when Warlock players overcharge the Voidwalker grenade and then press the super button. Doing so should cancel the charged grenade, and throw a Nova Bomb. However, players will notice that their built up super energy remains unchanged after doing so, which means that as long as Warlocks launch the Nova Bomb while charging a grenade, they can use their super attack infinitely.

Overcharging the grenade is unlocked through the Chaos Accelerant perk, which allows Warlocks to consume super energy to increase the power of the grenade. The problem is that in Crucible's Mayhem, the super bar refills faster than the drain caused by Chaos Accelerant.

Kills made using the glitch only translates to one point though, as it appears that Destiny 2 considers them as grenade kills rather than Nova Bomb kills. However, for players who will abuse the glitch, that might not be relevant at all.

It should also be noted that for Destiny 2 players on consoles, the control scheme will have to be set to the Bumper Jumper option to be able to try out the bug.

When Will Bungie Fix The Warlock Bug?

Playing against a Warlock with infinite Nova Bombs will definitely take away the fun of Crucible's Mayhem, so Bungie should definitely fix the glitch.

Through Twitter, the studio revealed that it was aware of the bug and that it is currently investigating the issue. The bad news, however, is that Bungie said that it will not fix the problem until The Dawning ends on Jan. 9, 2018.

Perhaps the developers are already on their holiday vacations? In any case, for Destiny 2 players who don't want to be on the receiving end of unlimited Nova Bombs, it would be best to stay away from Crucible's Mayhem.

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