Tuesday Dec. 26, Garmin announced its latest fitness tracker, the Vivofit 4. The wearable features a plethora of new features that outshines all the competition.

The Vivofit 4 is a unique wearable and promises users a yearlong battery life with a sunlight-readable screen that is always on in a vivid color display. The description reveals Garmin's latest wearable device is one far ahead of all the others.

Vivofit 4’s Features

The Vivofit 4 is a state of the art activity tracker that is said to work right out of the box. The device brings you tracking without needing to stop and recharge. Thanks to its 1+ year battery life, the device can follow your progress 24 hours a day. It’s waterproof so it is safe in the shower or pool and it features an always-on color display that is bright and easy to see.

The fitness tracker also features several new tools that are designed to make your life a bit more convenient. There is a weather widget for quick, illustrated looks at what to expect for the day. You can now set alarms in the app that will go off on your device or set a countdown timer to remind you of things to get done. 

By pairing your device with your smartphone you will get more advanced functionality like monitoring your sleep habits. There is also a phone tracker so you never go without your smart device. And the new Move IQ feature allows the device to automatically capture movement and classify different activities using an elliptical. So you can go from running to walking and the device will know automatically. 

Furthermore, the Vivofit 4 will help motivate you to stay in shape as the device also tracks your inactivity. A colored move bar will fill up to alert you if you’ve been stationary for too long.

The Garmin Connect app, which is on both iOS and Android, will allow users to customize the Vivofit 4. Users will be able to add different watch faces, color themes, or personalized text.

Where Can Buyers Get A Garmin Vivofit 4?

Garmin’s Vivofit 4 is available in three different colors, including white, lime green speckled, and black. All three bands will come in small and medium sizes and the black color will come in small, medium, and large. There are interchangeable accessory bands that come in a speckled merlot and speckled navy combo pack for $29.99 and the basic black, white and speckled black are also available for $19.99 each.

The devices are available exclusively on Amazon’s website and the suggested retail price is $79.99.

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