Apple hasn't released any official numbers regarding the sales of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. What we do know is that this is the first time that Apple is releasing three phones simultaneously.

An analytics firm found that iPhone X sales are lagging behind the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus combined sales. There are also reports that analysts are lowering iPhone X shipments forecasts.

Apple Competing Against Itself

In its first month, iPhone X was outsold by the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus combined, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

CIRP's research focused on the first 30 days of iPhone X sales. In its research, it found that iPhone X sales made up around 30 percent of total iPhone sales. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus combined sales made up around 40 percent — iPhone 8 totaled around 23 percent and iPhone 8 Plus made up 17 percent of sales.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus still sold well this month with their combined total making up 20 percent of sales. Last year, when both phones were released, they accounted for more than 70 percent of sales in their first month.

CIRP doesn't know if the numbers for the iPhone X were on par, over, or missed expectations in sales for the iPhone X.

Lowered Expectations

Lower sales figures have lowered expectations for the phone's future sales. Expected shipments have been reduced due to weak demand. Apple reduced its own sales forecast from 50 million units to 30 million units, according to Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News.

Foxconn is no longer recruiting workers, it is the only company that assembles the iPhone X. Stocks of iPhone part-makers have dropped as a result of the lower than expected sales.

iPhone X's new features are being welcomed by many users, the problem with the phone may be its price. A $1,000 price tag may prove too high — even for an Apple product. Another reason its sales may be low is due to Apple's own cheaper alternatives to the phone.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus may lack some of the features in the new phone, but with consumers looking to get the most for their dollar, shelling out $1,000 doesn't make sense. Both the iPhone 8 models are not on the same level as the iPhone X, yet they are still better than the older version of the phone that consumers have.

Competing for attention against itself may have harmed Apple's chances. Releasing three flagship phones at the same time cut into their sales.

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