Here's How To Deal With New Year's Eve Hangover, According To Experts


For people who are attending New Year's Eve parties, here are some tips from experts on how to deal with the inevitable hangover after waking up on Jan. 1.

There is an underlying theme among the recommendations that prevention is better than cure, so as always, people are advised to drink moderately.

Limit Alcohol Consumption And Stay Hydrated

According to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the chief medical correspondent for ABC News, the best way to deal with a hangover is to not have to do so in the first place. Ashton recommends people to limit their alcohol consumption in New Year's Eve parties, so that waking up on the first day of 2018 will not be too much trouble.

Ashton also suggests for people to stay well hydrated throughout a night of drinking, which is echoed by the Mayo Clinic in its recommendation to drink a glass of water after every alcoholic drink.

Keep Eating And Avoid Darker Alcohol

Lenox Hill Hospital emergency physician Dr. Robert Glatter, meanwhile, suggests eating before drinking, as the food will slow down alcohol absorption. Meals with high fat and protein will do the best job at this, Glatter said.

Another recommendation by Glatter is to avoid darker alcohol, including whiskey, bourbon, and red wine. These drinks have more toxic chemicals called congeners, created during fermentation, that increases the risk of hangovers.

Ride Out The Hangover

The Inquirer's Mari Schaefer probably has the most basic advice for people looking for tips on how to deal with hangovers.

"About the best you can do is manage the symptoms, ride out the misery, and remind yourself to behave better the next time," Schaefer wrote, adding the very important warning of not getting behind the wheel to drive while drunk.

Lankenau Hospital emergency physician Ben Usatch echoed the drinking advice of "everything in moderation" to avoid hangovers. According to Usatch, people with hangovers can usually handle the symptoms while at home, but in extreme cases such as those with uncontrolled vomiting, a visit to the emergency room will be needed.

Is There A Cure For Hangovers?

There is currently no approved treatment for hangovers, though earlier this year, two Yale students had a breakthrough with an anti-hangover formula named SunUp. It might be a while before the product arrives to the market though.

Alternatively, British scientist David Nutt discovered last year a synthetic alcohol named alcosynth that will allow people to get drunk but without experiencing the symptoms of hangovers. However, like SunUp, people will not be able to enjoy alcosynth soon, though Nutt hopes that it can replace normal liquor in the market by 2050.

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