Miss Miiverse? Don't Worry, Nintendo Social Network Lives On At Archiverse


Nostalgic fans of Nintendo's Miiverse, a social media service that was canceled in November 2017, can now visit it through the Archiverse online collection.

Drastic Actions, a Twitter user, along with his team of enthusiasts took action to save what they consider as a digital heritage for gamers. Thanks to their efforts, millions of drawings, posts, and screenshots were recovered, which would later be made available again for everyone to access.

Unbelievable Amount Of Content

The 17 terabytes of Miiverse data gathered by the team apparently contains around 133,003,599 posts. It is followed by 216,901,986 replies from different users.

Next comes 75,955,135 screenshots and 72,135,190 drawings. The remaining items are 8,278,693 user profiles, 30,600,505 avatars, 2,238,830 hidden or deleted posts, and 5,128 game communities.

Incomplete Data

At first glance, the information available appears to be the entire history of Miiverse from launch to shutdown is included. Nintendo launched the social media feature on Nov. 18, 2012, for the Wii U.

It was made available for the 3DS on Dec. 9, 2013, but the service was eventually shut down in November 2017. The Archiverse team did their best to salvage what they could before it ended.

Unfortunately, not everything was saved due to several reasons. Data deleted by system administrators, hidden profiles, communities created during the service's shutdown, and information lost during stability issues was sadly lost.

Nintendo's Help

The Archiverse group believes that all the missing data are still with Nintendo. All of the assets and database related to the social media service are supposedly kept by the video game company. The only way the archive can be completed is if the Japanese corporation will donate the data for posterity.

For now, the company has not issued an official statement about any data retrieval requests from its fans.

Reason For Shutdown

Fans were reportedly displeased when Nintendo announced the discontinuation of Miiverse. Furthermore, it failed to specify the reasons for its closure thereby upsetting its player community.

Subsequently, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, shared the company's reason for the shutdown.

"Miiverse was a great community, it was something we thought would be integral to the Wii U proposition along with Nintendo TVii. Unfortunately, the Wii U didn't scale the way we hoped it would, which makes continuing those services financially challenging," Fils-Aime explained.

Fans are actually quite lucky that there are some individuals who want to preserve a chunk of video game history. Gamers who want to relive a bit of nostalgia can always visit Archiverse to get their fix.

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