Mercy Is Getting Nerfed In The Latest ‘Overwatch’ PTR Update: Here Are The Changes


Overwatch players who regularly play as Mercy are in for another surprise as Blizzard reveals more incoming nerfs for the winged healer in the PTR.

Ever since the character received a drastic change last year, the developers have struggled to find the right balance with her new skills. Gamers who relied on her new abilities to quickly change the tide of battle loved the alterations. However, most competitive players claim that she became too overpowered and the game studio seems to agree.

Recent Adjustments Made

Due to the number of complaints regarding Mercy's supposedly unfair merits, the hero was tweaked to address gameplay balance. Before it was officially released for all platforms, the nerf was tested out in the PTR. The November 2017 nerf gave her Resurrection skill an interruptible charge-up delay.

Nevertheless, once her Ultimate ability, Valkyrie, was activated, it negated the nerf and gave her an extra Resurrection count, which coupled with her flight, increased mobility, and unlimited ammo still made her a top pick for more competitive teams.

Incoming Changes

Blizzard's latest set of changes for Overwatch are intended for both Mercy and Junkrat. Upon activation of her Valkyrie ability, the Swedish healer will no longer receive an extra charge for her Resurrection skill. Her mobility is reduced by 50 percent while the total active time of her Ultimate was changed from 20 to 15 seconds.

As for Junkrat, his adjustment affects the damage output of his Concussion Mine. He was given another charge courtesy of a buff from last year that reportedly made him even stronger.

With two explosives at his disposal, DPS and Tank heroes are forced to keep their distance during an encounter. Now, opponents that are not within the range of the explosion center will receive reduced splash damage from the blast.

These modifications are now live in the PTR for testing and to gather feedback about the overall balance of the game.

Developers Decisions

Based on the development team's comments for each of upcoming hero changes, it appears that they have considered a fair amount of feedback from a competitive standpoint. Blizzard continues to tweak the team-based shooter ever since it launched in 2016. Gameplay balance is important because improper buffs or nerfs can greatly affect professional gameplay.

Additionally, the timing of planned changes for Junkrat and Mercy appear to be spot on as the preseason matches for the Overwatch League recently ended. The first season officially starts next week. Therefore, players should have enough time to practice their team compositions within the PTR, considering the upcoming nerfs.

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