Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 Now Live: Here Are All The New Legendary Skins And An Adorable Orisa Emote


The latest Overwatch event, Winter Wonderland 2017, is finally live, bringing with it seven new legendary skins, the return of Mei's Snowball Offensive, and the new Yeti Hunter mode.

Winter Wonderland 2017, which will run until Jan. 1, also comes with many other new cosmetic upgrades that can be earned in loot boxes, including an emote for Orisa that is incredibly cute.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 Legendary Skins

According to Blizzard, there are over 50 new seasonal items that can be acquired through the Winter Wonderland 2017 loot boxes. The most popular items among players, however, are still the legendary skins.

Here are the seven legendary skins that Blizzard released for Winter Wonderland 2017:

Avalanche Bastion

Rime Sombra

Beachrat Junkrat

Snow Owl Ana

Casual Hanzo

Ice Fisherman Roadhog

Alpine: 76 Soldier: 76

Ana's Snow Owl skin features a cool silver-and-turquoise color combination, but the one that stands out is Sombra's Rime skin, with the glowing chest piece and icy spikes. Hanzo's Casual skin is a nod to players following Overwatch lore, as it first appeared in the Reflections comic released last year, while Junkrat's Beachrat skin is confusing, which totally fits his character.

The legendary skins from last year's Winter Wonderland event, including the controversial Mei-rry skin for Mei, have also returned and can be purchased for the discounted price of 1,000 credits each.

What Else Is In Winter Wonderland 2017?

Winter Wonderland 2017 is not just all about legendary skins, though. The event brings with it two game modes, the returning Mei's Snowball Offensive and the new Yeti Hunter.

In Mei's Snowball Offensive, two teams face off in a 5v5 match, with all players using Mei and a modified weapon that launches snowballs. In addition to Ecopoint: Antarctica, the mode can now be played on the Black Forest map.

Meanwhile, Yeti Hunter is a 5v1 mode where five players using Mei go up against one player using Winston with a Yeti skin. The Yeti player will look to gather enough meat to unlock powerful bonuses and bring down all the Mei players, while the Mei players will want to take down the Yeti before it is powered up, aided by a new Yeti Trap ultimate ability.

Winter Wonderland 2017 also introduces new intros, sprays, and emotes, with Orisa's emote in particular sending the internet into a frenzy. In the new emote for Orisa, she opens a gift and finds a puppy, then followed by what is most likely the cutest interaction that we will ever see between robots and man's best friend.

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