This Nintendo Switch 5.0 Update Leak Is Likely Fake, But It Shows What The Switch Lacks


Despite its popularity, the Nintendo Switch obviously still has room for improvement. A mock preview of its firmware version 5.0 points out what is missing.

A short video clip was posted on YouTube that reportedly caused a stir among Switch owners. Most gamers were apparently excited by what the footage reveals about the system's next firmware update. The upcoming version appears to have fixed most of the glaring issues with the console.

Additionally, it supposedly includes all of the allegedly missing features that fans have requested since a day after its launch. Yet most industry experts point out that the demo was a fake.

Noticeable Irregularities

Several sources admitted that the first time they watched the video, it came off as a legitimate. However, after a closer review, flaws began to show up that somehow discredits its attempt to pass off as authentic. Users pointed out that the YouTube icon on display is not up to date, which is strange for a fairly recent patch.

The next issue is related to the inconsistent storage space information. Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is supposed to be a digital software download. However, the amount of storage it occupied is only 2 GB, which is odd, given that the actual game file uses around 6.8 GB.

Added Features

While the evidence above discredits the video's authenticity, it does give gamers a preview of what the firmware version 5.0 update might probably include. Most of these new features are functions that could have been available from launch. It was previously speculated that Nintendo might have rushed its release.

Basic options like Folders, Themes, Virtual Console, home screen icon arrangement, chat rooms, web browser, cloud storage for the save files, chat rooms, and video streaming apps like Hulu, Twitch, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and more, could have given gamers a better experience from the get-go. Some potential buyers are still on the fence probably due to the limited capabilities offered by the console.

If all of the aforementioned options would become available with the next Nintendo Switch update, the company can probably expect significant sales boost.

What And When To Expect

The leaked video of the Nintendo Switch firmware 5.0 update might be arguably fake due to some noticeable discrepancies. Still, there are users that are optimistic about its legitimacy. Nintendo has a good record with fan feedback and the demo appears to have addressed fan complaints.

Rumors suggest that the new update will be available in early February, which is after the Nintendo Direct presentation scheduled later this month. Fans are hopeful that the company will announce something good during the show.

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