Replace Your Boring Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons With ‘Splatoon 2’-Themed Ones, Coming Later This Month


Nintendo always offered its consumers several options when it comes to accessories. Now, Splatoon 2 fans are getting the neon Joy-Cons they missed last year.

Back in July 2017, the Japanese game company revealed a new Nintendo Switch bundle that included a copy of the ink-slinging shooter. What made the package unique was a set of neon-hued controllers in green and pink, which amusingly represented the brightly colored projectiles used by the game's characters.

Regional Promotion

The special collection was a Walmart-exclusive, while the Joy-Con set was only made available in Europe and Japan, which sometimes happens with certain promotions. However, fans or avid collectors posted complaints on social media and forums regarding the firm's decision to leave out its customers in the United States.

It is possible that Nintendo finally noticed a real demand for the product stateside, or it could have been an intended timed release.

Officially On Its Way

The announcement was shared via Twitter and confirmed Nintendo's plans to bring the neon green and pink Joy-Cons stateside. It will be available in retail stores and most likely online before the month ends. The price was not posted, but most gamers are confident that it will cost the same as the other color options.

It was indicated in their tweet that the brightly colored set is definitely related to Splatoon 2. What is currently unknown is if the company will only offer 2-pack variant pictured in the post. Some buyers would presumably prefer the single-pack option in order to mix and match the left and right Joy-Con colors.

Late In The Game

Collectors and avid fans of Nintendo's hybrid console are likely thrilled that the new colors are officially on the way stateside. Sadly, the company failed to at least assure or inform their fans that the special colors are on their way ahead of time.

The announcement seems a little late after some American fans already jumped the gun and imported their neon green and pink Joy-Cons. Sources claim that with the import fees and shipping included, they could shoulder a cost of over $90.

Meanwhile, it's definitely a good thing for gamers who patiently waited.

A Different Package

Eagle-eyed fans also pointed out that the U.S. version of the Splatoon 2 Joy-Cons features a different configuration. Instead of the neon green left unit and neon pink right unit of the original bundle, the upcoming product has its colors flipped.

Gamers who already have the original pair can purchase the new one and have a matching set for both ends.

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