Meet Moorebot Zeus, A Robot Designed For Fighting Intense Battles


Meet Moorebot Zeus, the "most competitive fighter robot in the world," said Jun Ye, CEO of Pilot Labs, during CES 2018.

Moorebot Zeus stands at about 15 inches high and weighs in a 2.2 kg or about 4.8 pounds, perfect for battling in some serious boxing matches in the ring. Designed with hardcore gamers and fighting enthusiasts in mind, the robot sports 22 metal-geared Servo motors with 25 kg, or about 55 punds, providing a powerful punch. Because its arm can throw such a strong punch, the device can reach high speed levels up to 150m/sec and bring on some pain.

Moorebot Zeus Fighting Robot Can Handle Multiple Rounds Of Epic Battles

"If my hand takes Zeus' punch it really hurts. Zeus might even be too strong for most of the robot competition right now!," said Ye. Pilot Labs even created a battery that supports up to 60 minutes of multiple rounds of fighting. Inside the box, there's a wireless controller so users can command standard movements, along with allowing the robot to perofrm fighting styles such as boxing, kung fu, and karate.

Future versions of Moorebot Zeus will be "more autonomous using built in intelligence, computer vision and even Alexa or other voice control. Saying voice commands such as "Zeus - attack! Punch left," said Ye.

Other Features Of Moorebot Zeus

The robot is waterproof, dustproof, and there's a library filled with design templates so users can get creative and customize 3D armor for their robot. We're not sure when the robot will go on sale, but we do know there's a heavy price tag of $1,600. The robot can be purchased via Pilot Labs website or Amazon later this year.

This isn't the first robot Pilot Labs has designed. The company launched a big one-eyed robot called Hugo a few years ago. The major difference? Zeus is all about fighting intense battles with other robots while Hugo is about giving opinions on fashion, and the ability to record video and take pictures. Perhaps, Pilot Labs will integrate video technology with an updated version of Moorebot Zeus so users can record battle fights.

At CES 2018? Check out the new Moorebot Zeus fighting robot at Booth 64716 which is located in South Plaza.

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