Dashlane is Your New BFF if You Want to Change Passwords in a Snap


After the recent string of security breaches that have targeted individuals and huge corporations alike, cybersecurity experts have warned the general public to change the passwords that they use for their online accounts and services.

However, that is easier said than done. Due to the sheer number of online accounts that each Internet user could have, changing the password for each one of them could seem like a daunting task. Several surveys have, in fact, revealed that most Internet users did not change even one password after news about the Heartbleed bug broke out.

To address the potentially harmful issue, Dashlane has acquired PassOmatic, a startup company that focuses on the development of automatic password changing technology. Simultaneously, Dashlane said that it has released a beta version of its password management and digital wallet service that will integrate this automatic password changing technology.

This beta version of Dashlane will be providing users with Password Changer, which the company said is the only software for automatic password changing in the world.

Through the feature, users can simply choose which passwords that they have decided to make changes to. Dashlane will then automatically change all the chosen passwords with a single click. A unique and strong password generated by Dashlane will securely and automatically sync across all of the user's devices, reducing the time required for an hours-long process down to just a few seconds.

"Password Changer is the antidote for future Heartbleeds," states Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit, who adds that the feature will introduce a new standard of security and convenience for consumers.

Password Changer's beta version is already compatible with more than 50 of the top visited websites in the United States, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo and eBay. The list of compatible websites, according to the company, will quickly increase to include hundreds more of the top visited websites all over the world.

The beta version is now available on both the PC and Mac, with versions for mobile devices coming soon. Users can sign up for the feature on the website of Dashlane to be added to the waitlist to gain access to the Password Changer. The waiting list is currently long, but sharing about the Password Changer over Facebook or Twitter will allow users to move up the list.

Dashlane will also soon be introducing a feature for recurring password changes which will automatically change the passwords for certain accounts after certain intervals. For example, users can set the interval at 30 days so that the Password Changer will issue a fresh password for selected websites after such time, allowing users to worry less about security breaches.

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