Augmedix, a startup based in San Francisco, has been transforming the way patients view their doctors during appointments since 2015.

Augmedix was founded by Ian Shakil, CEO, and Pelu Tran, President, Chief Customer Officer. The company is currently providing some of the most well-known healthcare providers across the United States with Google Glass eyewear, including Catholic Health Initiatives, Dignity Health, Sutter Health, and TriHealth Inc.

More Than 50 Percent Of Doctors In Some Departments At Sutter Health Are Using Google Glass

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Albert Chan, M.D., Sutter Health's Chief of Digital Patient Experience, who discussed why more doctors at Sutter Health are using Augmedix, a live transcription service that uses Google Glass, in addition to how it's changed the patient experience and allowed doctors more time to spend with their family members. 

What inspired Sutter Health to use Google Glass?

"We were looking to improve patient efficiency and patient experience. Doctors were working so hard, spending at least 2 to 3 hours at night transcribing through notes," Chan, told Tech Times. "Working with Augmedix has really been a great match of acknowledging our needs along with patients needs and in the most powerful way."

"Google Glass allows me to focus more on the patient's story. It's like a hands-free wingman," added Chan. "Google Glass gives us more face time with patients, which includes more time answering emails, reviewing tests results, other alerts. For every 3.08 hours of face to face time gives us 3.17 hours spent on desktop medicine concept."

Doctors are also getting more quality time with their family, even seeing more patients.

"When I'm in the room with the patient I can be present. When I'm at home with my family I can be present. I don't have to worry about logging in transcribing documents. It's a story we keep hearing over and over again," said Chan.

Why use Google Glass?

"It's about getting the story right for you. If I have to remember the details, I might get it wrong. I want to get the story right and capture it as accurately as possible, and that's why we're using Google Glass at Sutter Health," answered Chan.

Another benefit of doctors using Google Glass is that it will help remind them when a patient is due for a flu shot.

"For example, if we see someone for a cold or a sinus infection, Google Glass reminds us our patient is due for a flu shot. It's a big solution for things to do like flu shots, especially if a patient is sick with the cold or flu," said Chan.

Urgent Care locations at Sutter Health are not using the technology, except for one location.

"We want to understand the best way to use technology like Google Glass," said Chan. "We have at least one Urgent Care site using Google Glass to help out with documentation needs. We need to scale this and understand what's the best way to use technology like this so we can scale more broadly in the future," said Chan.

What's the best way to scale?

"Understanding all of the details," said Chan.

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