As initial consumers of Google Glass explore their device, the company that introduced the wearable device at the same time tweaks the features and updated the device system, based on its latest blog post.

For one, the Glass now runs on Android KitKat.

"Our most exciting update is subtle, but big," Google said, describing the upgrade of the Glass device to KitKat.

The company added that it has been working on such a significant upgrade that will bring more improvements to the device such as better battery life and reliability and ease of upgrade of the device. Thanks to KitKat, the company said developers can start writing Glassware with the use of the latest Android SDK.

To those who love scrolling through the timeline for photos and videos, say hello to photo bundles that organize all those images every day so that users will have to swipe less but still see more, which the company said has been an old request from its Explorers. Add to this, Explorers can now also send photos through Hangout replies or messages. It revealed that photo sharing has become real popular among its Explorers.

The Explorer Program has been released to a limited number of users for the meantime, with the company tapping them for feedback, it helps developing the device further. Now, Explorers can do so by tapping on the device information card in the Settings section.

"We always want to hear feedback from you on ways we can make Glass better so we're making it even easier," the company wrote.  The company said should anyone need further help, Glass owners can continue to email, call or post through the Explorers Community page.

The voice command has been updated as well and sorted based on what's most frequently and recently used, so this provides easier and quicker access for Explorers.

Now, here's a bummer: video call feature has been removed, for now. Google said the video calls haven't lived up to the standards set and it has yet to enhance the feature.

"Explorers have told us so directly, and fewer than 10% of them use video calls," the blog post admitted.

The company couldn't set a fixed date, though, as to when the video call feature will be brought back. It suggested users to just keep tab on MyGlass as the community of developers continues to work on creating video streaming services.

It appears these aren't the only updates in the Google Glass device. The company also recommended that its Explorers keep tab on the Glass Journal to know more about other updates.

The Explorer Program gets an extended one-day sale on April 15 for U.S. residents over 18 years of age. The offer is limited, so interested customers need to sign up.

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