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China And South Korea To Use Artificial Rain To Reduce Air Pollution

The fine dust levels in South Korea has reached an alarming rate. The country will start a joint project with China and use cloud seeding to wash away the fine dust particles causing air pollution out of the sky.

Earth/Environment March 10, 2019

Sunken 113-Year-Old Warship Said To Have $132 Billion Worth Of Gold Discovered Off Korean Coast

A company said that it has found a Russian shipwreck containing $132 billion of gold bullion and coins. The company hopes to begin salvage works to recover the ship and its rumored gold in October.

Earth/Environment July 23, 2018

South Korean 'Overwatch' Hacker Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison: Why Did He Get Jail Time?

A South Korean 'Overwatch' hacker is facing jail time for a hacking tool that he created for the massively popular multiplayer shooter. Blizzard has been working with the Seoul National Police Agency to eliminate 'Overwatch' cheating.

Video Games June 26, 2018

South Korean Carrier Sells New Apple iPhone 3GS, And Everyone's Asking Why

A South Korean publication reported that a local carrier plans to resell original stock of the Apple’s ancient iPhone 3GS model. The phone, which Apple introduced in 2009, will retail for a mere $40.

Apple June 15, 2018

Bitcoin Tumbles To Three-Month Low Following Coinrail Hack

A new attack on a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange caused the value of Bitcoin to drop. Coinrail confirmed that it was hacked but did not specify the exact value of what was stolen.

Business Tech June 14, 2018

South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead Amid Government Attemps To Reign Market

A South Korean official in charge of taking back control of the country's lucrative cryptocurrency market was found dead at his home on Sunday. He was working on legislation to take control of the cryptocurrency market.

Business Tech February 20, 2018

South Korea Plans To Hit Bitcoin Exchanges With Taxes

South Korea, still fighting with its massive cryptomarket, now plans to tax its bitcoin exchanges. South Korea continues its fight to regulate the market after previously discussing a possible ban on bitcoin.

Business Tech January 23, 2018

LG V30 Android Oreo Update In US Imminent?

The official Android Oreo update for the LG V30 started to roll out in South Korea. The new software is expected to hit the United States soon.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 14, 2018

South Korea May Be Looking To Ban Cryptocurrency Trading

One of the largest markets in the world supporting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is considering legislation to ban it. South Korea might pass a new law that bans the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Business Tech January 13, 2018

Ripple Rises To Become Second Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin continues to dominate the market for cryptocurrency, but recently, Ripple rose to become the second most valuable cryptocurrency. It recently overtook Ethereum in market share.

Business Tech January 3, 2018

Bitcoin's Price Drop Triggers South Korea To Make Changes

Bitcoin's recent volatility after a period of sharp rises is forcing South Korea to make changes. The cryptocurrency's widespread popularity in the country worries lawmakers.

Business Tech December 30, 2017

South Korea Investigates Possible Involvement Of North Korea In Latest Bitcoin Hack

Authorities suspect North Korea is involved in the latest cyber attack incident. Hackers targeted a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange company named Youbit, which filed for bankruptcy after the attack.

Business Tech December 22, 2017

Apple Offices In South Korea Raided By Authorities Ahead Of iPhone X Launch

South Korean authorities raided Apple’s offices just before it was about to launch the iPhone X in the country. The incident is expected to raise lingering questions about the Korean Fair Trade Commission’s shady practices.

Apple November 24, 2017

Samsung Heir Apparent Jay Y. Lee Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Bribery: Is This The End For Samsung?

Samsung heir apparent and de facto leader Jay Y. Lee has been sentenced to five years in prison. What does this mean for South Korea, and does this mean the end of Samsung?

Business Tech August 26, 2017

Galaxy Note 7 Lives Again: Samsung To Sell Refurbished Units In South Korea With Smaller Battery, Price Cut

Samsung will sell refurbished units of the controversial Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea by the end of June. The smartphone will carry a different name and will have a significant price cut.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 27, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Drives 720,000+ Preorders In Home Country: Galaxy Note 7 Didn't Blow Up S8 Success

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are off to a remarkable start, driving more than 720,000 preorders already in the company's home market. With such a record-setting initial demand, it seems the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco can't burn the Galaxy S8 success.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 13, 2017

Life Expectancy Set To Increase Globally By 2030: But Is The Gender Gap Shrinking?

Average life expectancy is set to rise globally by 2030. But is the perceived gender gap in life expectancy narrowing, and what factors are potentially at play?

Public Health February 22, 2017

US To Have Lowest Life Expectancy Among High-Income Countries By 2030

The life expectancy of American men and women by the year 2030 will be comparable to those of middle-income countries like Mexico and Croatia. What are the factors behind low life expectancy in the U.S.?

Public Health February 21, 2017

Korean Prosecutors Grill Samsung Chief Anew Over Ties With Female Rasputin

Samsung's chief was again subjected to another round of questioning for his link to Choi Soon-sil. Choi, notoriously known as South Korea's own Rasputin, is the primary person of interest in the country's current political scandal.

Business Tech February 13, 2017

South Korea Confirms 2nd Strain Of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Outbreak

South Korea has raised its foot-and-mouth disease alert status to highest level as a second strain of the virus was confirmed Thursday. The government has begun vaccinating all its cattle and livestock.

Public Health February 9, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Finally Hits South Korea: Why So Late?

'Pokémon GO' has finally made its debut in South Korea, six months after its initial launch in other markets. Why is South Korea so late to the party?

Video Games January 24, 2017

South Korean Government Starts Separate Galaxy Note 7 Probe To Find Cause Of Fires

South Korean government officials started a probe on what exactly caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to catch fire. The Korea Testing Laboratory, a state-run lab, says it will leverage the latest technology to test the device, not just the battery.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 17, 2016

Google Antitrust Issues: South Korea Watchdog To Probe Google's Android Deals With Smartphone Makers

Google was under scrutiny from multiple antitrust regulators, and it looks like the South Korean regulator is also keen to find out if the company plays nice with its smartphone building rivals that rely on Android.

Google October 12, 2016

Apple Looks To Seoul As Location Of First Retail Store In Samsung Country

Should Samsung be worried now that Apple plans to move into its South Korean territory? Apple wants to open a retail store in Seoul, close to the Samsung Store.

Apple September 23, 2016

South Korean Fintech Firms To File NFC Complaint Against Apple

South Korean fintech companies announced a legal action against Apple is possible over the company's refusal to open up its API for NFC. The groups argue that Apple holds a monopoly of the tech, barring businesses and customers' rights.

Business Tech September 15, 2016

Apple Under Investigation In South Korea: What Did It Do This Time?

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission announced that it is investigating Apple on certain matters. While the FTC's chairman did not disclose further details, rumors say that the investigation hinges on the contracts that Apple signed with the country's carriers.

Apple June 30, 2016

South Korean Convenience Store Launches Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers

A convenience store in South Korea has launched Gyeondyo-bar, an ice cream that the store owners claim can help cure hangover. Does it work?

Healthy Living/Wellness May 26, 2016

Google Struggling With Mapping Services In South Korea, Asks Government Officials To Lift Restrictions

Google has appealed again to the South Korean government to provide detailed digital maps of the country. The plea comes as the restrictions are hindering the efforts of firms that rely on accurate driving directions for their apps and services.

Apps/Software May 18, 2016

South Korea Looks To Entice Foreign Startups This Summer With A New Program

The country intends to invest nearly $3.7 billion in the startup industry over the course of the next three years.

Business Tech May 13, 2016

South Korea Culls 11,604 Ducks Amid Efforts To Control New Case Of Bird Flu

More than 11,000 ducks were slaughtered in Incheon, South Korea, following a confirmed case of bird flu at a Seoul poultry farm. The country, declared avian flu-free just a month ago, has employed preventive measures to contain the H5N8 strain.

Life March 29, 2016

Japan, South Korea Top List Of Countries With Fastest High-Speed Trains: How Did US Fare?

Japan and South Korea top a recent survey on fastest high-speed trains. Record speed, operational speed and population coverage were used as parameters for the said survey.

Society March 29, 2016

South Korea Reports New Case Of Bird Flu

An H5N8 strain of bird flu was reported in South Korea after four months of being bird-flu free. Although not as pathogenic as H1N1, infected ducks were slaughtered.

Life March 28, 2016

North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Could Bring Dormant Mount Paektu Back To Life, Cause ‘Catastrophic Eruption,' Experts Warn

South Korean seismologists warned that the nuclear tests of North Korea could incite the eruption of Mount Paektu. Nuclear explosions, they said, could overpressure the magma chamber of the volcano.

Earth/Environment February 20, 2016

Low Birth Rates, Aging Population Could Make South Korea World's Oldest Country By 2045

With low birth rates and a rapidly aging population, South Korea may possibly become the world's oldest country in 2045. The population imbalance in the country is attributed to social and economic factors.

Society February 3, 2016

Samsung Lends Free Galaxy Note 5 With Preloaded SIM To Tourists Visiting South Korea

Samsung teamed up with the Korea Tourism Organization and SK Telecom for an attractive program called 'Enjoy Mobile Korea.' As part of the program, some lucky travelers visiting South Korea will get a free Galaxy Note 5 as a loan, complete with a preloaded SIM.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 2, 2016

South Korean Lab Clones UK Couple's Dead Boxer Dog For $100,000

South Korean company Sooam Biotech successfully cloned two puppies from a British couple's deceased pet boxer. The couple flew to South Korea to await the birth of the two puppies for the price of $100,000.

Society December 24, 2015

Volkswagen Fined In South Korea Over Emission Scandal, Recall Ordered For Cheating Diesels

Volkswagen Korea faces a fine of $12.3 million following an investigation from the country’s Environment Ministry which confirmed the company’s illegal manipulation of an emissions device. The company is also ordered to conduct a recall of more than 120,000 vehicles.

FUTURE TECH November 28, 2015

LG Outs LG G4 White Gold Edition In Korea: Here's What It Offers

LG has unveiled a new variant to its flagship G4 smartphone named the G4 White Gold Edition. The smartphone is available in South Korea, but will it make its way to the United States?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 11, 2015

Amazon Will Open New Data Centers In South Korea Early Next Year

Amazon announces a plan to open a new cluster of data centers in South Korea in early 2016. The move is a response to customers' needs for a local option in storing data.

Business November 5, 2015

Samsung Pay On The Rise: Tops 1M Users In Home Country After Just Two Months

Samsung Pay competes against the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay and it's apparently quite the strong contender. New data reveals that it already topped one million users in its home country after just two months on the market, while also detailing what consumers use it for on a daily basis.

Apps/Software October 27, 2015

Preorders For iPhone 6s, 6s Plus Sell Out In 30 Minutes In Home Country Of Samsung And LG

In South Korea, preorders for Apple's iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were sold out in 30 minutes. This is despite price reductions by Samsung and LG on their devices.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 20, 2015

South Korean Government Targeted By More Than 110,000 Cyberattacks Over Past Five Years

110,000 cyberattacks in five years might not seem much, but the sensitive information unveiled could do more harm than 1,000,000 phishing attempts.

Internet September 22, 2015

Man Smashes His Own Mercedes-Benz With A Golf Club: Here’s Why

In front of a Mercedes-Benz branch, a man from Korea calmly took a golf club and aimed for the windows, doors, and roof of the luxury car.

FUTURE TECH September 20, 2015

25,000: Number Of Users Signing Up For Samsung Pay Every Day

Mobile payments seem to be a window to the future, and Samsung is searching for the best vantage point. Strong competition is expected from Google and Apple, both offering similar services.

Business September 10, 2015

Netflix Set To Launch In South Korea In January: Report

Netflix plans to expand its streaming service to South Korea following the launch of the service in Japan. Customers in South Korea can start accessing the company's streaming service in January 2016.

Internet September 9, 2015

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