Switching To Android? How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android


Switching from iOS to Android? Just the thought alone can cause iPhone owners to go into panic mode. However, the process doesn't have to be as traumatizing as it may seem. To help, we've created a handy guide on how to transfer data, including contacts, messages, music, and photos from iOS to Android.

Switching To Android? Here's A Guide On How To Transfer Data From iOS

  1. It's All About Google: Already been using Google's services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, or Google Photos on iOS? If so, the switch will be less daunting, as that will save time from having to create new accounts. Those same apps can then be downloaded on the new Android phone.
  2. Back Up Your Data: Anytime data needs to be backed up, it can take several hours. To get started with the process, open Google Drive, go to Menu, Settings, and then Backup. Select all the necessary documents that need to be transferred to the new Android device and Start Backing Up.
  3. Import Apple's iPhone SMS texts and iMessages to Android: This can be a complicated process, but there's an app called iSMS2droid that has the ability to import Apple's iPhone SMS texts and iMessages to Android devices. Please note this app may not work for everyone switching from iOS to Android.
  4. Turn Off iMessages: When switching from an iPhone to an Android device, users will need to turn off iMessage. Go to Settings on your iPhone, select Messages, and turn iMessage off. Keep in mind iMessage will need to be turned off before removing the SIM card from iPhone.
  5. Turn On Your Android Device, Sign In: Make sure to sign in to the Google Account that was used to back up the iOS device. Once signed in to the new Android device, you easily access all the data, including contacts, events, and photos.
  6. Get Ready To Repurchase Apps And Games: When switching from iOS to Android, get ready to lose purchased apps and games. It'll take some time to repurchase and download any new apps on the device. The best part about owning an Android device is the ability to customize it the way users want.

Have any additional questions when switching from iOS to Android? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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