From ABC News to CNN to Fox News, smartphone users' daily dose of local and global news are even more accessible to download through plenty of mobile apps.

Even Google News, which comes pre-installed on Android devices, provides trending news from media organizations covering Business, Entertainment, Science, Sports, Technology, and World News. 

Bulletin By Google Lets Users Publish Local News

Now the search giant is set to launch a new app called Bulletin. This new Google app is expected to let users publish local news stories and upcoming events happening nearby, allowing them to be the voice and spotlight of their community.

Capture Sporting Events Or Any Local Storms As They Develop

How does Google's Bulletin service work? 

The company is encouraging smartphone owners to capture what's happening in their community simply by taking photos and videos on their phone and then adding their story to Bulletin. The idea is to share inspiring stories that aren't being talked about.

People always want to know what's going on, so news stories can range from anything that's happening in someone's backyard to a local event or high school sporting events such as baseball, track and field, and football. 

Bulletin is also a good outlet to share local weather news and updates, providing a way for neighbors to keep track of any severe weather conditions as they develop.  

"Bulletin is an app for contributing hyperlocal stories about your community, for your community, right from your phone. Bulletin makes it effortless to put a spotlight on inspiring stories that aren't being told," the company wrote in a blog post.

Google's Bulletin In Early Access Mode

Google's Bulletin service is currently in early access mode and only available in locations such as Oakland, California and Nashville, Tennessee. Google hasn't announced what other markets Bulletin will be available in but we should find out in the next few months. News junkies can request early access to Google's new Bulletin app. 

Since Bulletin stories are open to the public, stories will be easy to discover on Google and social media. Bulletin publishers can also share stories via email and messaging apps. To get more users to publish local news, the company has designed it in a way that users don't have to set up an account.

We have yet to hear from Google if the app will offer an editing tool.

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