G2 Crowd, one of the top business solutions review websites, has released its annual review list of the best 100 software companies in 2018.

Silicon Valley companies like Slack (ranked No.1), Google (ranked No. 3) Salesforce (ranked No. 5) skyrocketed to the highest-rated software companies to work for in tech. Other notable software companies that made G2 Crowd's annual list include Box (ranked No. 21), Dropbox (ranked No. 25), TeamViewer (ranked No. 29), and Hootsuite (ranked No. 48). 

Apple, Facebook, And Twitter Fell Off The Charts

It didn't take long to notice but major companies like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter were among some of the lowest-rated software companies to work for in the US. Why didn't Apple, Facebook, and Twitter make G2 Crowd's list?

"The key to our Best Software Companies 2018 list is the voice of real customers," Ryan Bonnici, chief crowd officer at G2 Crowd, told Tech Times. "To influence this list, companies need to receive positive reviews for all of their products," said Bonnici.

Brands Need To Do What They Can To Stay Customer-Focused

"G2 spends time examining the relationships brands hold with their customers and see if they are doing what they can to stay customer-focused," said Bonnici.

When leaving a review on G2's website, users are asked to answer questions about what they like most about working at the company, what they dislike, and are asked to leave recommendations to other potential customers looking to use the product.

Slack Is Super Easy To Use

For example, when it comes to Slack, G2 Crowd's users left reviews saying, "Ease of communication and fewer emails! I am one of a handful of remote workers in the US while our main office is in Germany," said Cheryl. "It is very easy to learn and use. I like being able to easily create additional threads and channels if needed."

It All Comes Down To What Users Think

G2 Crowd would love to have every software company on its annual best Sotware Company list, but that just won't happen. "Fortunately (for buyers), the list isn't based on what we think or what another company thinks - but on what real verified users of each software product and company," Bonnici told Tech Times.

"There are a lot of other software review websites out there that aren't as transparent with how their rankings are organized (#paytoplay)," said Bonnici. "That's absolutely not how we roll, and we'll never change our number one company value of buyer first."

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