Unresponsive iPad Pro Fix Finally Available With Apple's New iOS 9.2 Release


Shortly after the iPad Pro hit the market, it came to light that the tablet suffered from a rather nasty issue: it often became unresponsive after charging.

Just days after Apple launched its powerful iPad Pro on Nov. 11, customers who bought the tablet started to complain of various issues marring the experience, but the tablet becoming unresponsive was the most serious one.

Users reported that after charging the iPad Pro, the tablet's screen would go dark all of a sudden, with no warning or apparent reason for the shutdown. The tablet would remain frozen and unresponsive to all touch and interactions, and it only recovered after users performed one or multiple hard resets. Disgruntled customers flooded Apple's support forums, Reddit and other such venues, complaining about the issue and trying to come up with a more viable solution than hard resets.

Based on user reports, it seemed that the 32 GB and 128 GB versions of the iPad Pro running iOS 9.1 were affected by this problem.

After conducting initial investigations on the matter, Apple suggested a quick fix to solve the issue - a force restart. In other words, it offered little help aside from what users were already doing, i.e. resetting their iPad Pro tablets to bring them back to life. That was just a temporary solution, however, and the company said at the time that it would issue a fix in the future.

Fast forward to the present date and now Apple has released the latest iOS 9.2 update, which adds a number of neat treats. Among improvements to iBooks, Apple Music and other, the new iOS 9.2 should also fix the unresponsive iPad Pro issue.

In an update to its support page for the iPad Pro, Apple now claims that upgrading the tablet to iOS 9.2 might prevent it from becoming unresponsive.

This comes as good news because it proves the iPad Pro's unresponsiveness was a software issue after all, and not a hardware problem. While hardware flaws can be tough to solve, software issues can be fixed fairly easily via subsequent software updates.

If your iPad Pro became unresponsive after charging, drop by our comment section below and let us know whether the problem still persists after upgrading to iOS 9.2.

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