Twitter is making some changes to its beta app and it's something that not many social media users are expecting.

Twitter For Android Is Testing A New Share Button

The company is in the process of testing a new Share button on Android, which now looks like a three-dot Share button located at the bottom of tweets. For now, it seems to show up on a server-side test, so not many people are getting to see these new changes.

In addition, Twitter has also removed the Message icon, which allowed users to send privately to other users. From the screenshots users have seen so far, the new Share button has replaced the old Message icon.

Twitter's new Share button also provides new sharing options such as "Share via direct message" and "Share tweet via."

It's not a significant change, but users will definitely notice there's more space in the location of the old Tweet button, and it looks a lot cleaner.

Tweet Button For Sharing Launched In August 2010

Twitter officially launched its Tweet button for sharing articles on the web. The social media platform was keeping track of how many times a post has been shared back in August of 2010. 

The Tweet button was not only designed to help its users share content but to also act as a useful tool for all publishers, whether from an indie or major media company.

The social media company really wanted to help publishers grow traffic and increase their following on Twitter. At launch, media organizations like Cracked, CBS Interactive, Gawker, Huffington Post, Hulu, TV Guide, as well as WordPress were some of the publishers that first used Twitter's new Tweet button.

Twitter Kills Off Tweetmeme's Retweet Button

Previously, websites like Tweetmeme and Retweet featured their own version of retweet buttons. Once Twitter added its version of the Tweet button, Tweetmeme founder Nick Halstead expected people would switch to Twitter. Halstead even supported Twitter's move as the company had a business deal in place for licensing the technology.

Twitter Also Testing A New Bookmarks Feature

Lastly, the company is also testing a new Bookmarks feature, which allows users to privately bookmark tweets so they can read at a later time.

Since both features have been spotted in the latest Android beta, users could be seeing these new features on Twitter very soon.

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