Fitbit announced last year its premium coaching service to inspire users to reach their fitness goals. In addition, the company launched its coaching app for iOS and Android devices that acted as a personal trainer providing suggested workouts based on a users activity data.

Now the company is aiming to motivate hardcore video gamers to exercise on a daily basis by integrating its Fitbit Coach app with Microsoft's Xbox One and Windows PC.

How To Get Started With Fitbit's Coaching App For iOS And Android

To get started with Fitbit Coach app, users need to download it from Apple's App Store or Google Play. Once the app has launched, users will be asked to sign in with their login credentials.

The app then gets to know a user by asking about their fitness goals. For example, users are asked to select Out of shape, About average, Athletic, or Elite. There's also a way to enable daily reminders when it's time to workout, even if it's for just a few minutes per day.

Fitbit Coach App Premium Pricing Plans: The Best Package

Fitbit Coach app offers two different premium pricing plans. There's a monthly plan for $7.99 and an annual plan that costs $39.99. At first, the $7.99 per month plan seems like it would be a great deal but it adds up to $95.88 per year. That means users will pay more than $60 for the monthly package plan, which is a rip-off. The app can be used for free but only offers very limited workout plans. So it really depends on how much a user wants to get in shape and needs a personal trainer.

What comes with Fitbit's Coaching app premium packages? The premium packages include unlimited workouts, audio coaching, and radio stations.

Everything That Comes With Fitbit's Coaching App Premium Plans

Unlimited workouts - Working out can be repetitive so it can get boring real quick. Fitbit Coach app adds new moves and curated workouts frequently to make working out fun. Users can choose when they want to workout.

Audio Coaching - The best part about having a personal trainer is to get motivated while working out. The app helps users to reaching their fitness goals by giving the ability to increase endurance, speed, throughout all training sessions. To prevent personal injuries, the personal trainer also make sure the user is using the correct form.

Run To The Beats - There's no doubt that those who workout listen to their favorite music playlist. The app comes with a variety of music stations to stay energized while working out. Though, there's always Spotify and Pandora if users can't find anything good to listen to.

Download Fitbit Coach App For Xbox One And Windows 10

Using Fitbit Coach app on the Xbox One or Windows PC will provide daily stats and updated progress on weekly workout goals. To download the Fitbit on Xbox One, go to Xbox Home, find the Store tab, and download the Fitbit Coach app.

By connecting the app to Windows 10 or Xbox One, users can see all of their stats, including daily step count, distance, total active minutes, sleeping pattern history, and exercise history. Connecting a Fitbit device to Xbox One or Windows 10 will allow users to see their heart rate on the big screen.

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