This Nintendo Switch Smartphone Holder Makes Online Chatting Work Better


The Nintendo Switch is without a doubt a huge success, and that's despite having a wonky online chat system.

The problem here is that users need the Nintendo Switch Online app on their Android or iOS device to talk to other Switch owners in multiplayer mode, but thanks to a 3D-printed Joy-Con grip that can hold smartphones, things could get a bit more manageable.

Switch Smartphone Holder Accessory

As anyone can imagine, shifting your attention from your Switch to your smartphone over and over again just to chat isn't ideal. Called the Nintendo Switch Phone Joy-Con Grip, it seems to be a solution to the issue at hand.

The creator of this nifty invention is Nathan Becker, who uploaded the files for it to Thingiverse.

It supports a wide range of phones, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy S8 Plus.

According to htxt, Becker spent about 10 hours to print it using 0.1 mm layers and used a digital caliper tool to make sure the phones fit like a glove, with the final product measuring at 160 x 14.3 x 101 mm.

"Printers can vary in their tolerances, so you may need to edit your slicer settings to print it a few percent bigger or smaller to get the tolerances perfect," Becker says.

On an interesting note, the smartphone holder was inspired by a smartphone mount for the Switch, which isn't too shabby as well when it comes to making online chatting more manageable.

Other Potential Uses

Of course, using the phone Joy-Con grip isn't limited to just chatting. You can also use it for pretty much anything else, including but not limited to browsing online while you wait for the next Splatoon 2 match, perhaps.

"This can be used for watching a stream while on a loading screen, having a game map open, accessing the Nintendo Switch Online App, and much more," Becker says.

Technically, it can also turn your smartphone into a gaming system with physical keys of sorts, which is reminiscent of the Moto GamePad Moto Mod. The Joy-Cons are basically Bluetooth controllers, after all. The thing is, this isn't exactly the best way to play games on your smartphone since users who have tried it out have reported latency issues.

Last but not least, the files are free of charge, so if you want to make online chatting on your Switch a bit easier, it's time to fire up that 3D printer again.

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