First Ford Mustang Bullitt Auctioned Off At $300,000


The first 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt to roll out of production line has a new owner. Someone just paid $300,000 to drive home the muscle car.

As one of the superstar cars that got introduced at the 2018 Detroit Show, the Mustang Bullitt proved its immense popularity by fetching an auction price that is estimated to be six times of the selling price. The high price paid, however, is money well spent. Essentially, the new Bullitt owner is paying it forward in acquiring the toy.

That's because Ford is not pocketing the money. Instead, a community school called the Boys Republic will get all the proceeds of the auction sale that the carmaker has set up. The organization was founded in 1907 and was instrumental in giving at-risk kids a fighting chance in life.

Steve McQueen And The Bullitt

Of the estimated 30,000 kids that the Boys Republic rescued and helped so far, one was known to make it big in Hollywood. Actor Steve McQueen attended the school, and his estate considers the organization an important part of his success. McQueen later starred in the movie Bullitt, which became the inspiration of the Mustang Bullitt.

Now, thanks to the late actor and Ford's latest iteration of the iconic muscle car, more underprivileged children will get a shot at making it big someday just like McQueen did.

The 2019 Mustang Bullitt VIN 001

It goes without saying that 2019 version is a giant leap from the Bullitt that McQueen rocked from decades ago. The Mustang Bullitt is a gorgeous beast that is advertised by Ford to gallop in no less than 475 horsepower with 420 pound-feet of torque power. Such monstrous energy will be courtesy of a 5.0-liter V8 engine, the same powerhouse that fires up the Mustang GT.

The 2019 Bullitt will be on a six-speed manual transmission and is able to gain a maximum hustle of 163 mph. Despite its incredible power under the hood, the new Bullitt is said to generally sound like music to the ear, which Ford made possible with the use of an active valve performance exhaust system that is paired with an Open Air Induction System.

Ford designed the 2019 Mustang Bullitt as part of the limited edition cluster as indicated in the Bullitt fuel cap logo, which appears to scream of how luxurious the vehicle is. Likewise, leather blankets covers nearly the entire interior — the steering wheel, seats, and cabin trim — as a fitting testament to the Bullitt's top-rate breed.

The first 2019 Mustang Bullitt was marked with build number VIN 001, giving a hint that the muscle car will not be driven by many. Ford has yet to confirm the sticker price, but the cash setback for the new Bullitt to sit on one's showcase garage is estimated to start at $50,000.

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