Faulty Nexus 5X Owners On Project Fi Now Get Moto X4 Android One As Replacements


Good news for users of the Nexus 5X on Project Fi and afflicted by the bootloop disease. Google now offers the Moto X4 Android One as a replacement.

The overture from Google is in lieu of an earlier replacement package that comes in two options. Project Fi subscribers can either pick a $53 check or accept a $100 credit on the Google Play Store. It appeared there were a few takers as both the compensations dangled by Google do not even amount to half the cost of the problematic Nexus 5X.

When obtained via Google's Project Fi MVNO service, the stock Android phone that LG assembled has an asking price of $350 plus the $5 dollar monthly fee, which also gives Device Protection coverage to customers. Clearly one is on the losing side for assenting to Google's unfair resolution to the matter, not to mention that the bootloop issue that plagued the 5X was not resolved at all.

Google must have finally thought it earned the wrath of some of its hardcore fans with the way it handled the situation and rightly so. The company, however, is making amends in a more acceptable form.

For the aggrieved Nexus fans that were made to bear the 5X bootloop fiasco over a long period of time, the company will be willing to give out the Moto X4 for free. It's not totally free of charges, however as qualified Project Fi subscribers will still have to make a one-off payment of $69, according to an exclusive story published by Android Police.

The Moto X4 Checks Out

There is no doubt the Moto X4 is worthy to bump off the Nexus 5X. For starters, offering a more recent phone model to its loyal fan is a smart move on Google's part. It ensures that users will get a handset that is packed with higher specifications, which translates to increased power, higher efficiency, and a more improved overall user experience.

The Moto X4 also sells for $399, indicating that Google can opt to be generous when it wants to. The price tag alone should be effective in erasing the bad memories created by Google's missteps on the Nexus 5X issue.

In short, the jump from Nexus 5X for the Moto X4 Android One certainly points to "massive improvement," viewed from any angle.

Next Step

For affected users, the smart thing to do is to reach out to Project Fi's support channel and make arrangements to get the replacement process started. It's unclear if the offer extends to those that opted to settle with Google earlier on the issue.

It is likely that Google will still agree to apply the handset replacement program to those that first accepted the check and Play Store credit settlement. It's another story, however, if the credit or cash given away has already been depleted.

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