The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have not been on the market for long, however, rumors about the Pixel 3 series are already making rounds.

The company is expected to launch three Pixel smartphones in 2018. While the current Pixel flagships have plenty of strengths, including top-notch cameras and a high-end software experience, there's still room for improvement and the Pixel 3 line should deliver a number of notable improvements.

Three Google Pixel 3 Smartphones?

Rumors indicate that Google will release three Pixel 3 smartphones in 2018, instead of two per year as it did in recent years. It's worthy of note, however, that rumors last year also claimed that the company would launch three Pixel 2 smartphones, and in reality, it only released two.

If this time rumors turn out to be accurate and Google is indeed planning a trio of smartphones, the company could be looking to release a more budget-friendly model like the old Nexus phones, a top-tier handset that would compete with the likes of Apple's iPhone X, and a model that would come between these two.

Currently, the Pixel 2 XL is Google's most expensive smartphone ever, and the top-tier Pixel 3 could take its place this year. The Pixel 3 smartphones are not expected to debut until October 2018, so a lot could change in the meantime, but here's what's rumored so far.

Google Pixel 3 Rumored Specs

First of all, regardless of screen size and other specifications, all Google Pixel 3 smartphones are expected to pack the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, which is not only faster but also 30 percent more power-efficient compared to its predecessor.

The Snapdragon 845 will also bring Cat. 18 LTE speeds of more than 1Gbps, thanks to its X20 LTE model, Ultra HD video recording capabilities, AI smarts, and more. In late December, a leak from China's Weibo revealed 2018 smartphones that will come with the Snapdragon 845 under the hood and the Pixel 3 was one of them.

With the faster and more powerful processor, Google might also bump up the RAM amount to 6 GB for its next-generation Pixel 3 devices. Storage configurations, however, are expected to stay the same at 64 GB and 128 GB. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL don't have expandable storage, and the Pixel 3 handsets might not have microSD support either.

The Pixel 3 smartphones are further expected to come with IP67 or IP68 certification for dust and water resistance, an 18:9 aspect ratio, and Android 9 P on board out of the box. Desired features include wireless charging and an in-display fingerprint scanner, but it remains to be seen whether Google will implement them in the Pixel 3.

Lastly, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL boast some of the most advanced cameras currently found on a smartphone, and this year's Pixel 3 smartphones should further improve the camera experience. However, Google could opt for software enhancements rather than hardware upgrades in this department.

Google Pixel 3 Release Date

Google has been unveiling its smartphones in October each year, and 2018 should be no different. The company is expected to unveil the Pixel 3 smartphones on Oct. 4 and start shipping them later in the month.

Color options will likely remain largely the same. Also, HTC is expected to make at least one of the handsets.

It's still early in the process, however, and all information is currently based solely on leaks and speculation.

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