The Next ‘Pokémon Go’ Community Day Will Take Place On Feb. 24 Featuring Dratini


Pokemon Go fans participated in the game's first Community Day event last weekend. The bonus-filled occasion actually increased fans' chances to catch a shiny Pikachu.

Now, Niantic Labs, the game's developer, intends to hype up the next one with the announcement of the next date and time and the new featured Pokemon, Dratini. Fans can look forward and prepare for the mobile augmented reality game's next special event on Feb. 24 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

A Great Time To Catch And Power Up

Gamers who will participate in the second scheduled event will receive help to attract and power up their creatures. Trainers will enjoy an extended effectivity time for lures, which normally lasts around 30 minutes but will supposedly go for three hours within the given timeframe.

Meanwhile, players will reportedly earn three times more Stardust, which could supposedly go higher with the help of a Star Piece. The combination of the bonus multiplier and buff item could yield more rewards during the occasion.

What Else To Expect?

According to Niantic Labs, the next Pokemon Go Community Day will feature a Dratini, which is supposedly one of  the smartphone game's prized creatures. Trainers can have it evolve into a Dragonair and eventually the powerful Dragonite.

Fans are likely anticipating an announcement from the developers regarding an exclusive move that can be taught to the dragon-type Pokemon. Last weekend's event gave fans a crack at a Pikachu that could apparently learn "Surf." So far hints about the special skill are non-existent.

What Makes It Different?

The recently launched special event is unlike previous ones such as the Safari Zone occasion in Europe and Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. Players were not required to meet up in pre-determined locations to battle Legendary-level creatures and possibly catch one.

During the specified schedule, participants all over the world can meet in public parks and other locations of interest to capture Pokemon. In-game bonuses will be active during the three-hour window.

However, its biggest attraction is a chance to catch a one-of-a-kind creature that features a move that it could not normally use.

Stuff To Do While Waiting

As it is a fair bit of time to wait until the next Pokemon Go Community Day, trainers can occupy themselves with the Legendary Kyogre, a water-type creature that will appear in Gyms during Raid Battles. Players have until Feb. 14 to catch the elusive creature.

Meanwhile, Niantic labs announced that it will end support for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, which could not be updated to iOS 11. Pokemon Go players using the aforementioned have until the end of February to enjoy the augmented reality game or to upgrade their smartphones.

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