Meet Ubisoft Sam: The Gaming Company’s Virtual Assistant For Gaming


Look out Alexa and Siri, a new virtual assistant is stepping on the scene. However, this one is a bit more specific and is geared toward gamers.

Ubisoft is getting into the digital assistant realm and has revealed a new gaming chat bot named Sam that will service gamers. The digital assistant will be housed inside the Ubisoft Club mobile app.

The way Sam works is through voice commands or text chat on a users smartphone. The digital assistant will answer gamers everyday questions from definitions of certain items in games to features a game may or may not have.

When Will Sam Be Available?

The Sam service is being tested and the beta is exclusive to Canada at the moment. There is only a limited number of features during the beta including Daily Login and chatbox access. In the chatbox users can type or speak to Sam and ask questions about different games. It only speaks and understands English during the beta.

As of now the games that will work with the beta include Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

Sam is a free service and can only be used with the Ubisoft Club app.

The service is based on a character from a Tom Clancy title. The digital assistant came to the company from a hackathon the publisher held last year in Canada.

What Makes Sam Different?

Sam is quite personal to each user and gives personalized assistance to users based on their profile information on the Ubisoft Club app. This means that gamers will get specific information on games they play.

According to reports, Sam focuses more on a users profile to bring relevant news and doesn’t really focus on everything the internet has to offer.

Ubisoft is testing out a personalized notification system for Rainbow Six Siege called Daily Login. This will analyze the gamers profile when the game launches. It then gives gamers links to different video tips that will be helpful to the player. It could also explain different weapons and even show a gamer map strategies to improve their play style.

Furthermore, Sam will tell players when they log in how many Ubisoft games they’ve played, how many challenges they’ve completed, their club rank, and how many units they have.

For those wondering, Sam is not always listening like Amazon’s Alexa. When pressing the button through the app on a smartphone, the bot is activated.

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