Fans reportedly waited as review embargos ended a day before Monster Hunter: World officially launched. Fans already expected it and critics surprisingly loved it.

It has been a while since Capcom released a Monster Hunter game outside of a Nintendo console and it looks like a great move for the developer. The new title is reportedly the sixth installment from the long-running action role-playing franchise. The same formula remains intact as gamers hunt for monsters and gather resources to craft even better gear.

What makes it different this time around is the next-generation visuals and gameplay that one critic even called "a total revamp."

Early Review Results

Among all of the published reviews, Monster Hunter: World appears to be unanimously loved even by first-time players of the series. One of the video reviews for the game showcased how veteran players loved the challenging gameplay, but at the same time, the ease of introducing new players to its mechanics.

The multiplayer aspect of the game also appeals to players who would rather hunt together as a group instead of going at it solo. It should be noted that enemies are a lot stronger during co-op play so that the difficulty remains challenging for the team during the hunting mission, as explained by the developers.

However, there are parts of the game wherein it does not exactly explain everything in detail, which is one of the franchise's classic problems.

Overall, critics would recommend that gamers give this title a try, which makes it the most casual-friendly entry in the series.

Welcome Changes Made

Most reviews applauded Capcom's approach with the newest installment of its action-RPG franchise. The original series' clunky controls and battle mechanics apparently made it difficult for casual players to pick up and enjoy the game.

Since the previous games were designed to be played on portable game systems such as the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Portable, the controls were reportedly designed to maximize the control setup. Now that it's on current-generation game systems with better controllers and more processing power, the developer was able to adjust Monster Hunter: World's gameplay for a smoother experience overall.

Other much-appreciated tweaks include a more open-world approach to the previous games that separated areas into sections, which entered a loading screen during the transition. The reworked tracking system is also reportedly easier than before, where the game requires a player to tag a monster with paintballs to track it on the map. Furthermore, hunters can now move while eating, which makes gameplay a little more fluid than its predecessors.


Monster Hunter: World is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the PC version is slated for a release later this year.

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