Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: Which Is The Better Smart Speaker?


Having a smart speaker in the home can be a blessing, especially if there are children in the household.

When things get hectic, smart speakers like Amazon Echo powered by Alexa and Google Home by Google Assistant can make life easier by using voice commands to make phone calls and send messages, play the latest music, read the latest headlines in the news, or place an order for takeout when there's not enough time to make dinner.

With so many smart speakers available on the market today, it can be quite challenging to choose the one to have at home. To help out, we've compared the two leading smart speakers Amazon Echo and Google Home to see which is the better voice-enabled device.

Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: Top Skills

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home have some amazing skills. Amazon's Alexa can do almost everything, from ordering pizza from Domino's, keep track of daily fitness routines with Fitbit, and book a ride with Lyft. Amazon's Alexa can also discover and play games like Jeopardy.

Owners of Amazon Echo who happen to lose their phone often around the house will appreciate TrackR's Find My Phone skill, which makes it easy to find a lost phone by making it ring. Users just need to download TrackR's app before trying to find a lost phone.

Similar to Amazon Echo, Google Assistant can catch the latest weather and forecast for the day, upcoming calendar and events, and play the latest news from around the world. Owners of Google Home can also get interesting facts and information, the latest scores on popular sports teams, along with stock market and finance information. Google Assistant can also find a lost Android phone that's located in the home.

Listening To Music

Amazon Echo can stream music when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Amazon Echo supports a ton of popular music apps such as Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, and third-party music services like Tunin.

With Google Home, users can shout commands to listen to music via apps like Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify. Music enthusiasts can also listen to radio stations inspired by their favorite artist.


In terms of price, Google Home sells at $129 while the original Amazon Echo sells at $180, although, the second generation Amazon Echo model costs $99.00.

Which Is The Better Smart Speaker?

Amazon Echo and Google Home both perform many different tasks extremely well, making it much harder to choose which one of these devices to buy. Thus, it comes down to the difference in price and what users want to do with their smart speaker.

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