There have been numerous crossovers in the video game industry recently, but the collaboration between Monster Hunter: World and Street Fighter V might be the best one yet.

Monster Hunter: World already has a pair of crossovers with Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn as a hunter skin and Mega Man as a Palico skin. Last year, a pair of crossovers involving Final Fantasy XV, with Tekken 7 and Assassin's Creed: Origins were also announced.

Ryu And Sakura To Join 'Monster Hunter: World'

In a Capcom Unity blog post, Ryu and Sakura of Street Fighter V were introduced as the newest hunters of Monster Hunter: World.

The Ryu and Sakura skins will be full armor sets, and will only work if all pieces are equipped to the player's character. Both male and female hunters can equip the Ryu and Sakura armor sets though, complete with a voice change to transform into the popular Street Fighter V characters.

PlayStation 4 owners who have a Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition save file in their console will have the first opportunity to acquire the Ryu skin. In a few weeks, Capcom will send an invite to eligible players for a special quest named Down the Dark, Muddy Path, the completion of which will reward SFV Tickets. The item, plus other required materials, can then be brought to the Smithy to unlock Ryu.

The Down the Dark, Muddy Path quest will be made available to the rest of the PlayStation 4 crowd at a later date. Afterward, two new quests will be made available for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Monster Hunter: World, offering SFV Tickets and granting the ability to craft the Ryu and Sakura skins.

The specific dates of the launch of the quests, however, remain unknown. The Ryu and Sakura armor sets will be free though, as long as players complete the necessary quests and collect the required materials.

Armor Sets Coming To 'Street Fighter V'

Meanwhile, Street Fighter V will welcome armor sets from Monster Hunter: World as costumes for three characters. Ken will receive the Rathalos Armor, R. Mika will receive the Zinogre Armor, while Ibuki will receive the Kirin Armor.

The new costumes can be acquired with Fight Money through the Extra Battle Mode. Players will need to spend 2,500 Fight Money to attempt a challenge in the Extra Battle Mode, and completing four weekly challenges will unlock the armor set costume. The challenges, however, are time-limited, with the Rathalos Armor challenges running from Feb. 27 to March 29, the Zinogre Armor challenges running from March 8 to April 5, and the Kirin Armor challenges running from March 15 to April 12.

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