Japanese Burger King Strikes Again: Behold The Fondue Burger


Just when you thought Japanese fast food couldn't get much stranger, here comes a new burger from Burger King that looks a little confused. Is that cheese on top of the bun?

At first glance is looks all kinds of wrong. Burger King, I'm not sure if you know this but cheese usually goes between the buns. You know, on the meat. A cheeseburger. Not a burger with cheese on top. These aren't nachos.

But if you look carefully, you'll notice there is actually cheese already between the buns (at least on the chicken one). All that melted goodness on the outside? Cheese fondue.

Now everything is starting to make (slightly) more sense. Get News reports (via Kotaku), that the beef and chicken fondue burgers will be available at Japanese Burger King locations for a limited time next year. Each burger comes with a cup of fondue dipping sauce, which consists of various melted types of cheese and white wine. 

It looks like this could get messy quickly, but it does sound kind of good. Who doesn't like cheese fondue? It definitely sounds better than these burgers with black buns that Japanese Burger Kings and McDonalds sold earlier this year. Those, despite their exotic look, were practically plain ol' hamburgers. But this, this fondue burger is a whole new step in burger evolution.

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