Apple is reportedly working on three new Mac models that will see release this 2018. When unboxed, the machines will be driven by custom co-processors as bannered features.

It's unclear which exact Mac builds will be getting the custom chips that Apple has developed, but the company has existing models with the same attributes. The 2016 MacBook Pro, for instance, was deployed with the T1 co-processors that powered the laptop's touchscreen and security functionalities.

What followed next was the iMac Pro with the T2 custom chip, which basically behaved in the same way as its predecessor.

This 2018, Apple's co-processors are seen to expand on their roles in the Mac ecosystem, a new report said, which also indicated that the company intends to replicate what is already happening in the iOS line of products.

"Apple is working on at least three updated Mac models with custom co-processors for release as soon as this year, including updated laptops and a new desktop," Bloomberg reported, adding the plan is just an initial step of realizing the bigger picture.

In the future, Apple is expected to exclusively design the entire CPU make of all its hardware offerings, which the publication said was in line with the original vision by the company's late cofounder and CEO, Steve Jobs. Jobs dreamed of Apple products and services fired up by in-house technologies, and this latest move points to the fulfilment of the same vision.

Soon No More Intel And Qualcomm

The same report suggested Apple is heading to a direction of becoming "a chip powerhouse" that it will no longer require collaborating with Intel or Qualcomm. In doing so, the company is merely reiterating its operational standard since inception, which is to achieve deeper integration on its hardware and software creations.

At the same time, having its own CPU will significantly speed things up for Apple, like on its product development thrusts. The company will have the luxury of working on its own faster pace instead of waiting for chip partners to deliver the required new specifications.

Upcoming Devices With Apple's Custom Chips

On its way to realizing the grand plan, Apple will reportedly release devices with the custom co-processors in stages. Possibly part of these rumored devices is the modular Mac Pro that was initially geared for unpacking last year. If the Apple desktop system will see action starting this year, it could deploy with the follow up to the T2 custom chip.

Another possibility is a 13-inch laptop that will serve as the replacement to the now-underwhelming MacBook Air and likely with the same price point. It also bears mentioning that a refresh of the iPad is speculated to come out, powered by the same GPU and AI chips that were introduced with the iPhone X.

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