Snapchat Updates Bitmoji, Adding Hundreds Of Customization Options For Avatars


Snap Inc. has announced a new update for even more customization to Bitmoji avatars on its messaging and social media app, Snapchat.

The new update called Bitmoji Deluxe brings a more configured version of the customization and adds a plethora of new skin tones, hair colors, eye colors, and hairstyles to accommodate the world's growing diversity.

The feature offers users an easier way to build and change the appearance of their Bitmoji avatar. Even more, the update makes the coding on Snapchat’s back end easier to use. That way, the company can push more changes frequently.

The company shared a video to YouTube showing a plethora of people from many different backgrounds using the new features to create their own Bitmoji avatar. The video shows how accurate the features are and just how much fun it is to customize your own Bitmoji character.

Bitmoji Deluxe Features

The latest Snapchat update to Bitmoji will offer 1.999 septillion different combinations for users to really customize their avatar to look the way they want. There are now 40 new skin tones, 50 different hair colors, and 50 different hairstyles.

The hair gets even more updates with color gradient options and even highlights. As for styles, users can add braids, different levels of curls, and different lengths of bangs.

Snap also added that its new attributes are not cis or heteronormative, which allows for people who identify in a certain way feel comfortable and accurately portray their avatar to resemble them.

Furthermore, Snapchat updated the back end of the feature, making it even easier to add even more customization options more frequently. This part of the update will make it easier for sponsors to come in and add different Bitmoji clothing and accessories.

For any interested parties, the Bitmoji Deluxe update is now available on Android and iOS and is quite simple to use. Just head into the Bitmoji app’s settings or tap the Edit Bitmoji button in the Snapchat app.

More Snapchat Updates

A week ago, Snapchat revealed that it was removing the white border that would appear when users posted older photos or videos from mobile. Snap revealed that the big reason for the update was to keep aesthetics nice and appealing to users.

The update sees Snaps posted from the camera roll will now appear normally without the background. However, there has been some reports that say the technology is a bit skewed, and horizontal photos get automatically rotated when uploaded to the app.

The company isn’t the only one doing this, as Instagram also adds a border to its old pictures and videos and has yet to remove it from the app.

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