Electronic Arts confirmed recent reports that the Anthem release date has been pushed back several months, from fall 2018 to early 2019.

The publisher, however, is quick to note that the delayed launch date for developer BioWare's new project is "not a delay," refuting allegations that trouble is brewing for the ambitious Destiny-like game.

Anthem Release Date Pushed Back, But Not Delayed

The Wall Street Journal tech reporter Sarah Needleman tweeted a statement from Electronic Arts that confirmed a new Anthem launch date of early 2019.

"It's not a delay" said Electronic Arts finance chief Blake Jorgensen. "People are trying to create a story," he added.

Jorgensen is referring to a previous report by Kotaku's Jason Schreier, who claimed that there was extreme pressure within BioWare on the development of Anthem. According to Schreier, Anthem will be released in early 2019, as BioWare employees feel that the stakes are higher than ever in ensuring that the game turns out to be a success.

According to Electronic Arts, it has simply decided to release Anthem in a "quieter quarter," and will instead launch a new entry in the Battlefield series in October. This actually fits well in the publisher's past experiences, as Titanfall 2, a well-reviewed shooter that launched on multiple platforms in October 2016, did not live up to expectations. The game's shortcomings were primarily attributed to the decision to release it in between new entries for two more popular Electronic Arts shooter franchises, namely Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

If this is indeed the reason why the Anthem release date was changed from fall 2018 to early 2019, then it is a good one which shows that Electronic Arts learned its lesson with Titanfall 2. However, the only way to judge the decision is to wait and see how Anthem performs once it launches, which is now apparently a year away.

Electronic Arts Problems: First 'Destiny 2', Now 'Anthem'

Electronic Arts, with developer Bungie, is facing a long list of problems with Destiny 2, as the complaints for the futuristic shooter seemingly keep coming in. The latest issue involved the game's Faction Rally event, where players were not given the correct number of tokens and not allowed to purchase limited-time weapons.

Anthem is now starting to make its way into Electronic Arts' plate, though according to the publisher, there is really no problem with the new franchise. Whether the Kotaku report on the Anthem problems is true or not, the game will take up a lot more of the time of Electronic Arts and BioWare as its release date draws nearer.

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