Once again, Bungie has apologized for messing up another event in the Destiny universe. After being called out for throttling tokens and not releasing new weapons during the Faction Rally event, Bungie came out with an apology.

Instead of simply saying that they were working on a fix, the team clarified its position on the situation and apologized to the fans, owning up to the mistake.

More 'Destiny 2' Problems

Earlier in the week, news came out that Destiny 2 players were not being given the correct number of tokens during the Faction Rally event. Also missing during the Faction Rally were the weapons that players were supposed to be able to purchase during the limited time event. As soon as it happened, a community manager reached out, saying that the team was looking into the issue.

Bungie cleared up the issue in a new blog post this week. Throttling was happening in regards to the faction tokens. The reasoning for the throttling was because players were earning too many tokens too quickly and too easily.

"Players were earning hundreds of Faction Tokens per hour without firing a single shot."

Instead of fixing the problem by making the gameplay more challenging, Bungie just made players have a cooldown. Director of Destiny 2 addressed fans on Twitter who were upset with the change.

"The timer was meant to fix an exploit but it is way too penalizing right now. It's being adjusted in the next patch but we likely need to adjust it further."

The other issue Bungie had to contend with regarding Faction Rally was the lack of new weapons. Instead of letting players know that the weapons would be released throughout the year, the developer said nothing until players were upset by the lack of weapons.

"It was not made clear beforehand that the new Season 2 weapons would be added throughout the events of the Season rather than all at once in the beginning. This was on us," said Bungie in the blog post addressing the lack of communication.

If all this seems familiar, it is because this is what has been happening throughout the short life cycle of Destiny 2. Players find something wrong, players become unhappy, Bungie says it will fix it, and the cycle begins again.

The only good thing about the post is the update by the sandbox team. It says that it is already working on the improvements previously outlined in another post that apologized to Destiny 2 players.

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