A nurse from Florida took to Facebook to air out her concerns about the pernicious flu season ravaging the United States. She offered some rather candid and sharply worded advice for people whose insufficient hygienic self-care contributes to the deadly flu outbreak: wash your stinking hands!"

The epic rant video, called "After Work Thoughts," has reaped more than 6 million views as of this writing, becoming a huge viral sensation just days after being uploaded to the site. The person speaking in the video is Katherine Smith Lockler, a nurse from northwest Florida who, after a 12-hour shift in an emergency room, expressed her frustrations about people's hygienic carelessness.

The Flu Outbreak And The Epic Rant

Lockler said she has been most concerned with what she has witnessed at the hospital. Not only do many people carelessly visit the emergency room, she also said they don't perform proper precautions. 

Lockler posted the video on Jan. 27, presumably rising to viral levels because of her somewhat sassy way of expressing her concerns and disdain for people who aren't aware that they might be worsening the flu outbreak by not doing very simple self-care practices. She also explained to audiences how the flu is contracted and what to do to prevent it from spreading.

She went on to demonstrate how to sneeze in a way that'll minimize the spread of viruses.

"Watch this — I'm going to teach you all a magic trick. It's amazing."

She folds her arm and places her nose against her sleeve at a bent elbow. This is also called the "Dracula Sneeze," resembling the way vampires in fictional content cover their faces with a cloak. It is recommended by doctors and health experts to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.

Don't Go Inside Emergency Rooms, People

She also warned healthy people against going to emergency rooms.

"It is a cesspool of flu — a cesspool of funky flu at the ER right now," said Lockler. She then offered an example: if an entire softball team visits their sick teammate, they simply balk on the idea. It would simply mean they could contract the flu and become carriers — spreading it even further.

While Lockler said her intent was to educate people and not insult them, some online viewers weren't too pleased with her tone and way of expression. One Facebook user argued she was "in the wrong field," accusing the nurse of "talking down" to her audience.

"I think there's a little bit of sarcasm in my voice because the instructions were given so many times, and they were not received well," said Lockler.

Others, meanwhile, praised Lockler and gave her points for bluntly offering proper health advice in order to stop the spread of flu.

"Told as only a nurse who's worked the front lines can!" said one Facebook user.

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