Great White sharks are the most dangerous fishes in the sea, and this latest video should solidify that fact for those who are not believers. The video shows a great white shark leaping into out of the sea to grab a bite of what it thinks is a tasty "seal."

The so-called seal placed in the water is fake and is designed to draw the attention of sharks. Attached to the decoy, is a rope that is also attached to a boat, dragging it through the water to give the impression it is swimming. This is the best way to entice a shark, and boy it turned out very well in the end.

The whole footage was taken by Mark van Coller in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. The video demonstrates how powerful these predators are, and why they should not be taken lightly by daredevil humans. A shark's bite can rip a man to pieces in just moments, a little something for the road.

Interestingly enough, it is not easy to achieve a video like this.

"We filmed just before and just after sunrise, as this is the most active time for the sharks to hunt," says Mark.

"During this time the seals and our seal decoy form a good silhouette for the sharks to target, but the water is still very dark, making it very difficult for the seals to spot the predators."

Apparently, these particular hours gives the shark a great deal of advantage, which is why it is such a popular time for hunting.

Despite this being a favorite time, Mark added that sometimes he would be in his boat for more than an hour before the decoy attracts any takers. This could be due to weather patterns, little seal activity and sea conditions.

We've seen similar videos to this one in the past, but in honesty, it doesn't matter how much comes out of the vine, they never get boring. Witnessing a shark rising out of its comfort zone to grab a meal is extraordinary every time. Bear in mind that sharks are huge and heavy, so to be able to rise out of the sea in such a fashion is nothing less than spectacular, and it proves that these creatures are indeed powerful.

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