Last week, Ubisoft gave its fans a sneak peek of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 3 DLC called Operation Chimera including some new Outbreak event details.

This week, the developer shares another trailer that offers a quick preview of what the new game mode might include. Based on the new footage, players can catch a glimpse of what looks like a team of operators surrounded by the new enemies. More details should be revealed soon as the Six Invitational 2018 competition officially opens next week.

Taking A Break From The Norm

The developer intends to break the strict and serious gameplay that makes the Rainbow Six series popular among its fans. According to the information posted on the official website, Outbreak will require a team of three operators to take on missions that are set in more open spaces.

For some, the previewed gameplay details appear to be a welcome break from the enclosed locations featured in regular game modes. Furthermore, the publisher confirmed that the enemies are more aggressive. It will require great teamwork to successfully take them down.

Ash And New Operators

The opening footage of the second Outbreak trailer shows an outnumbered team getting swarmed by the enemy. Although the video does not show the exact appearance of the invaders, the silhouettes show disfigured bodies of the infected.

What follows is a scene where Ash is seen talking on the radio as she described the situation. She admits that initial findings cannot confirm if the attacks are from acts of terror or something else. She could be heard asking for specific Rainbow Six Siege operators like Thermite and Doc to join the operation.

Another interesting tidbit about the video is when she specifically asked for the Russians, this likely means that the threat is something that requires the cooperation of everyone, even those who are considered as enemies.

New Content Confirmed

A previous article about Rainbow Six Siege and its Operation Chimera post-launch content indicates that all variants of the team-based shooter will get the Outbreak update. During the limited time event, players can earn up to 50 new cosmetic items.

Ubisoft confirms that a system will be in place to guarantee that there will be no duplicates. This means gamers can earn unique prize items as long as they play and grind out during the scheduled event.

Moreover, the publisher will reportedly include two new operators and three new maps as Year 3 content for the FPS. The limited time event is scheduled to launch on March 6, and it will run until April 3.

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