Ubisoft quickly heard of the uproar generated by fans of Rainbow Six: Siege. The game studio is taking a few steps back to make amends.

Earlier, Ubisoft has informed the Siege community that in time for the Outbreak event this coming spring, loot boxes or Outbreak Packs can be obtained cash-only, meaning there is no way to earn the in-game credits. Also, the company thought it wise to squeeze more cash from the fans by hiking the game's base price of $40 for the Standard Edition to $60 for the Advanced Edition.

Unsurprisingly, Rainbow Six Siege players thumbed down the move and made sure Ubisoft heard their voices. Many felt being left out or even cheated by the price change, and some sent out their resounding disapproval of the new loot scheme.

There is no denying Ubisoft got wind of the protests from the Siege community, prompting the company to reconsider some points of the revealed changes.

"Following yesterday's announcement, we have seen the frustration from our current players rise to the top of the discussion," the game studio acknowledged in a Reddit post.

Reversals And Clarifications

To ease the pain felt by the players, Ubisoft said that while the price hike remains, the old price point will still be an option. Long-time gamers in the community will get an Ash Sidewinder Elite skin for free, according to the company.

The freebie will be made available for those who will play the game between now and Mar. 6. According to the company announcement, the "Ash Sidewinder Elite will be automatically granted to your inventory at the launch of Year 3 Season 1."

Lastly, Ubisoft said there would be clarifications to come out on the subject of acquiring Operators in the Starter Edition that is exclusive in the PC platform. The details are likely to come out starting Feb. 13 or to coincide with the Six Invitational event.

"We recognize that this has been a point of frustration for new players, as well as existing players bringing their friends into the game, and have been working on how to make this process more fluid," the studio declared.

Changes Unsatisfactory

However, the concessions offered by Ubisoft to address the backlash from Siege players seemed to have missed the mark. For one, a close look at the Outbreak Packs will reveal that the credits are mostly superficial.

Further, it did not help that the loot boxes were designed as exclusive purchase items. With no provision of winning credits to gain access to the Outbreak Packs, some players have expressed dismay and accused Ubisoft of ripping them off.

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