Now that Rainbow Six Siege is in its third year, Ubisoft announced a limited-time event called "Outbreak" along with changes to its retail copy.

The original game has been praised by its closely accurate simulation of modern urban combat. Nevertheless, next month, the team-based first-person shooter will showcase a limited-time event that supposedly takes the game on a different route.

Furthermore, the developer has listed the detailed information regarding the changes made to its retail offerings.

What's Changed?

First of all, the game studio confirmed that the Starter Edition will remain the same. It reportedly stays as a PC-exclusive offer and gives players access to all available content updates for the base game.

It comes with 600 in-game credits for operators or cosmetic items. Unlike its other editions, gamers would need to grind a lot more to earn enough Renown to purchase other Operators.

Ubisoft did away with the Standard Edition and replaced it with the Advanced Edition. It features the same contents as the aforementioned variant. What makes it different is its inclusion of 10 Outbreak packs, which will be expanded upon below.

Season Pass For Year 3

Just like the one from last year, this year's Gold Edition will apparently include everything that is available with the Advanced Edition with an added Season Pass for this year. Finally, the Complete Edition comes with all of the contents featured in the Gold version without the need to grind for Renown. All Operators from the first and second year are already unlocked.

What Is Outbreak?

Based on the description from Ubisoft, "Outbreak" will be an in-game event that will last for four weeks. All players with a copy of Rainbow Six Siege can join in no matter what version they bought contrary to the recent issue with Destiny 2 wherein players with only a copy of the base game were locked out from content that came with their purchase.

"An infestation of unknown origins is attacking the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The danger is so high that the authorities quarantined the entire town, trapping civilians and soldiers inside. Very little information is filtering out, but the only certainty is that the situation is dire," Ubisoft stated.

Ubisoft claims that 50 new cosmetic items will be available via the "Outbreak" packs sold for 300 Renown. The developer promised that each pack will not contain a duplicate item, so a total of 50 purchases will complete the entire collection.

More details about the new Rainbow Six Siege content is expected to be revealed during Six Invitational Competition in February.

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