HTC U12 'Imagine' Showcased At 5G Event: What To Expect


HTC recently showed off a new smartphone at a 5G event in Taiwan, and it's rumored to be none other than the upcoming HTC U12 flagship.

The phone sports a sleek design reminiscent of the HTC U11 Plus but little details are available at this point regarding its specs, price, or release date.

Purported HTC U12 Spotted At 5G Event

Considering that HTC typically launches new flagships in spring, claims that this smartphone is the HTC U12 doesn't seem too far-fetched. Images from the event show a sleek device that looks premium designed for the high-end segment of the smartphone market.

The showcased smartphone features a large display with ultra-thin bezels and an 18:9 aspect ratio, like other recent flagships from Samsung, LG, and more. The phone is reportedly codenamed "Imagine," and is expected to hit the market as the HTC U12.

The rest of the design remains a mystery as HTC wrapped the showcased smartphone in a protective case that covered all four corners, the top edge, and most of its rear panel. A piece of fabric also covered the top bezel, but it remains unclear what HTC was trying to hide there, perhaps a dual front camera setup?

Previous leaks have tried to paint a picture of what to expect, but this is the first time that the purported HTC U12 actually was actually caught on camera in the wild.

HTC U12 To Support 5G?

HTC showcased the device at a 5G event, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the HTC U12 is using 5G technology. However, it's expected to pack gigabit LTE technology with Licensed Assisted Access, which can take advantage of additional bandwidth to achieve higher speeds.

Qualcomm currently supports LAA technology on the Snapdragon 835 processor and it will surely support it on other high-end chipsets. The HTC U12 is expected to come with the Snapdragon 845 under the hood, which includes Cat. 13 upload speeds of up to 120 Mbps and an X20 LTE modem supporting speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps.

Consequently, the HTC U12 might not be a full-fledged 5G smartphone, but it should come pretty close. Full-fledged 5G networks are still in the works for now, with carriers striving to be the first to bring it to market.

HTC U12 Launch And Availability

The Mobile World Congress 2018 is just around the corner, but HTC might not unveil its next-generation flagship at the show. Instead, the company might launch its HTC U12 at a separate event after the MWC, and start selling it sometime in the Spring.

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