Google Pixel 2 Squeeze Function Can Now Be Remapped: Here's How To Do It


The Google Pixel 2 squeezable frame was designed to activate Google Assistant, but it can now be remapped to any other app or function.

The process to remap the Pixel 2 squeeze function, known as Active Edge, is a bit complicated, but its reward of unlocking a very useful feature for the smartphone is certainly worth it.

Google Pixel 2 Squeezable Frame

The Pixel 2 is not the first phone to offer a squeezable frame, as that distinction goes to the HTC U11. The feature, however, found its way into the Pixel 2 because Google tapped HTC to manufacture the smartphone.

The HTC U11 Edge Sense feature, however, has a major advantage over the Pixel 2 squeezable frame because users can easily customize it to launch anything in their smartphone. The Pixel 2 squeeze function, meanwhile, was only capable of waking up Google's personal digital assistant, aptly named Google Assistant.

However, Pixel 2 owners can now remap the Active Edge function of their smartphones through an app named Button Mapper. Users are not really remapping the squeeze function but instead will have the app intercept the command of squeezing the Pixel 2 frame and then launch another app in place of the Google Assistant.

How To Remap Google Pixel 2 Squeeze Function

The process of remapping the Pixel 2 Active Edge feature was detailed by XDA Developers, with the first thing to do being to download the latest version of Button Mapper from either the Google Play Store or XDA Labs.

Users will then have to enable the Accessibility Service option of Button Mapper before entering the Active Edge menu of the app. Upon tapping on the Customize option, users will be asked to connect the computer to run a script. The Android Debug Bridge, however, will need to be set up for users to be able to carry out this part of the process. XDA Developers also has a guide for this on their website.

Once the Android Debug Bridge is set up and the Pixel 2 connected, users will need to run the following command: adb shell sh /data/data/flar2.homebutton/ This will grant permission to Button Mapper to read the Pixel 2 system logs, and after this, the Button Mapper app will have to be restarted.

Upon relaunching the app, users will now be able to choose the action that they want for the Pixel 2 squeeze function to activate through the Active Edge menu. Some options include bringing the smartphone back to its home screen, opening the flashlight, and launching a user's favorite app.

There is one major problem with this method, though, and that is the fact that Google can stop it from working if they wanted to. However, being able to customize the Pixel 2 Active Edge feature is a game-changer for the smartphone, so users should try it until Google closes the loophole that allows it.

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